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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

New Social Awareness Apparel Line and Movement Says “Black Men Matter,” “Black Women Matter,” “My Brother Matters,” “Africans Matter” and More

— Entrepreneur/ author/ social activist Richard Jeanty has launched the “We Matter” movement to bring attention to injustice taking place in urban communities —

We Matter Social Awareness Apparel Line

Founder Richard Jeanty (to the far right) with a group of other socially conscious supporters of his movement

Atlanta, GA — There’s a new movement taking place called the “We Matter” movement (www.wematter.us), and it’s the brainchild of author, publisher, and real estate investor, Richard Jeanty. Via his new apparel line, his message is simple: “Racial Equality and Peace”.

T-shirts, long sleeves, and hoodies are now available for men, women and children that say not just “Black People Matter”, but also other messages like “My Brother Matters”, “Black Boys Matter”, “Africans Matters”, “Black Women Matter”, “My Daddy Matters”, and more. Jeanty’s mission is to “make visible the human beings that we are, and open the eyes of the public as a whole to our struggle.”

He comments, “I started this movement for many reasons, but the most important reason is to raise awareness, and help assist with the funding of programs in the black community. I hope to hire many young people around the country to help make these shirts and hoodies visible in their local communities, schools, college campuses, and the online community. Before people can understand our lives matter, we must make them understand we matter first, as human beings.”

But the movement is not just about clothing

Jeanty is also founder and president of his own publishing company, RJ Publications (www.rjpublications.com). He first turned words into vivid images, when he penned his first non-fiction book in 2007, The Most Dangerous Gang In America: The NYPD, which addresses police brutality and the senseless murder of Sean Bell, an unarmed African American who was killed by New York City police officers. He also wrote another best-seller entitled, Neglected Souls, Neglected No More, Ignorant Souls.

The prolific Atlanta-based by way of New York City and Boston, contemporary wordsmith and visionary, has found a new course to raise the consciousness of the black community. Having found a niche for his new style of conscious writing on Facebook and other social media sites, Jeanty is determined to make a difference.

An avid traveler, he writes eye-opening essays daily to enlighten and encourage his readers about black culture, and the subjugation of black people around the world. In his quest to leave his own indelible mark on humankind, Jeanty always finds ways to reinvent himself as an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Social activist as much as he is an entrepreneurial crusader, Jeanty’s mission is to foster change in people and society as a whole, and raise the consciousness of black people to the issues affecting them. That is always his motivation in all his undertakings.

In a span of 13 years, Jeanty has written 19 books and published a total of 49, which includes other socially conscious books written by authors.

“Our Existence Matters”

“We have to make the world aware that our existence matters, because we are great contributors to the world and humankind. Civilization started in Africa, and we must not allow our children to forget that. African unity should not be threatening to white imperialism. America should not use ‘The Melting Pot’ only as a slogan to the world, to sell this country as the land of opportunity for all. In order for us to truly become a melting pot, we must root out injustice, and erase ignorance from the minds of those people who feel threatened by the presence of black people in this country,” Jeanty says.

He is also educating and enhancing urban communities by offering scholarships and other financial assistance to students planning to study art, journalism or communications in college.

Support the Cause

For more details about the movement and/or to purchase a t-shirt or hoodie, visit www.wematter.us or call (404) 428-3404. (A portion of all sales will be appropriated to help financially assist educational grassroots programs in the community.)