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Friday, February 8, 2019

“Soles For Sale” Book Labeled as a “Must Read” by Chicago Schools, Drug Counselors, Professors, Hip Hop Heads, Sneakerheads, Clinical Psychologists, and More

“Soles for Sale, the book by Mora Spicer II and Hassahn Liggins, is poetic and packs a brutal punch. It brings the reader experientially into an established underground economic system that is hiding in plain sight, and exposes the dark world of segregation, exploitation, addictions, crime, and death endemic to that world. It reveals the complexity of that world as an ecological system that so many individuals are emotionally, socially and economically trapped in, and travels the intersections of all the disparate players. It is also a book about hope. It challenges and questions the established patterns in that world, and raises the possibility of redemption and even transcendence. Souls living partially or wholly in that world may find recognition and even comfort in the exposure of their experiences. People outside it may gain some empathy for folks who are struggling, and some recognition of their own indirect participation in those struggles.” — Thomas Kenemore, Ph.D.

Soles For Sale


Chicago, IL — Dr. Thomas Kenemore, Ph.D. is a professor and just like many other educators, he understands the significance of “Soles For Sale” and has implemented the book into a talking piece for his Social Work class at Loyola University. Joined by two Chicago Public Schools and Olive Harvey Community College, Soles For Sale is starting to find its way into the minds of the youth who need a book like this. So often the stories of the inner city are not told. This book, which falls under the genre, personal history, needs to be a part of the fabric of our education system and society.

Although Soles For Sale is independently published and sold, Mora Spicer II and Hassahn Liggins are truly changing the paradigm with the content within their critically acclaimed book. The only thing more impactful than the book itself is how they have cut out the middle man by going straight to the schools they want to impact. The faculty and students have responded accordingly to the book and their efforts.

Written by Mora Spicer II and Hassahn Liggins, Soles for Sale gives a unique yet detailed history of a phenomenon that hit the Black community with a devastating blow in the middle to late 1980’s and continued through the end of the twentieth century. Effects of crack cocaine have continued well into the twenty first century. This book details most, if not all, of the “players” or contributors to the devastation, which nearly generated a knockout blow to the Black community.

Based on true stories and interviews, Mora and Hassahn have uniquely woven a story told from the perspective of a district manager for one of the biggest sneaker retail companies in the country. He personally witnessed how the crack cocaine era contributed to the rise of the company that paid him while simultaneously playing a part in the downfall of the community that raised him.

Psychiatrist and former professor, Dr. Stephen A. Parker who is responsible for the books foreword had this to say, “Soles For Sale is a must read for educators, ministers, social scientists, psychologists, law enforcement personnel and others. Politicians should also read inasmuch as they make the laws and fund the social programs. The Souls of Black & Brown folks, along with Whites, were really sold.”

Cleverly merging the topics of hip hop, sneaker culture, corporate greed, social responsibility, and personal accountability, Soles For Sale is not your average crack cocaine era story. This book is a documentary waiting to happen as it provides a vivid picture that is guaranteed to educate, spark conversation, open wounds, heal, and possibly change the paradigm. While the paperback and ebook have lead the charge, the new and dynamic audio version of the book, produced by Emilio Bucks, is available now! Mora and Hassahn are currently speaking to various schools as Soles For Sale is really resonating with the students and adults who have labeled the book as a must read.

Soles For Sale is available for purchase at www.solesforsalebook.com


About the Authors

Mora Spicer II obtained his B.A. in Sociology from Western Illinois University and Masters in Social Work from Chicago State University. Mora is also certified as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor in the state of Illinois. Mr. Spicer has worked, consulted and volunteered at both state and non- for profit entities. Mora has over 13 years of experience in the social work field. Mora is married to Nicole Spicer, EdS and they have two sons Mora III and Mason Spicer. Mora is also a active member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

Hassahn Liggins: Whether behind the scenes or stealing the scene, Hassahn Liggins (HP) has had success in the entertainment industry as an accomplished Hip-Hop artist, songwriter, journalist, co-author of The Soulful Parent, and the Co-Founder/Host of the Cypher Lounge Radio program. HP is also Producer/Writer of the critically acclaimed documentary film and web series, DEMOS. The native Chicagoan and member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. aspires to be a “Certified World Changer!” Hassahn believes in changing the world for the better and he breathes those sentiments through his motto, “Don’t wait on miracle, Be the miracle”. Alongside a college friend, Hassahn created the life-changing nonprofit organization, “Be The Miracle,” where he and his DePaul University colleague aim to end the senseless violence in Chicago and beyond. Now partnering with Mora Spicer, Hassahn wants to open the world’s eyes to a familiar yet untold story of the crack cocaine epidemic, its link to corporate America, and the black experience.


Mora Spicer II and Hassahn Liggins