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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Police Officer Facing 7 Years in Prison For Urinating on 12-Year Old Girl

Solomon Nhiwatiwa, police officer arrested

Cleveland, OH — Solomon Nhiwatiwa, a 34-year old Cleveland police officer, has pleaded guilty to several charges after a disgusting incident earlier this year when he allegedly urinated on a 12-year old girl whom he tried to proposition as she was sitting at a bus station. He is facing a maximum of 7 1/2 years of imprisonment.

On August 16, Nhiwatiwa, who was then off-duty, allegedly asked the girl, who was on the bus stop, if she needed a ride to school. When she refused, Nhiwatawa drove off. However, he returned after a while and did the unthinkable.

According to reports, Nhiwatiwa took out his cell phone to take a video of himself while urinating on the 12-year old girl. He then drove away again.

The victim’s mother called 911 to report the incident around the same time another person in the area called to report a suspicious person looking into cars. Police figured it was the same person when DNA from the girl’s clothes matched Nhiwatiwa’s.

Nhiwatiwa was arrested and his phone was seized, but couldn’t be accessed to check its contents including photos and videos. He was since put in jail on $300,000 bond.

He recently entered a plea deal for felony charges of attempted kidnapping, pandering obscenity, disseminating matter harmful to juveniles, and endangering children. The assault, public indecency, and interfering with custody charges were dropped in exchange for the guilty plea.

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Michael O’Malley said that because of the plea deal, Nhiwatiwa will surely be sentenced to prison and will not be able to serve as a police officer again.

“He’s now been held accountable, he’s going to be sentenced to prison,” O’Malley told Cleveland.com. “My best wishes for that young child in the future as she goes on with her life.”

O’Malley also thought that Nhiwatiwa is “clearly a sick individual” and shouldn’t have passed the psychological testing in the first place. He said, “You wonder how this individual slid through the cracks. Hopefully, we can improve the testing in law enforcement so that individuals like this never put a badge on again.”

Moreover, it was not the first time Nhiwatiwa has been involved in an absurd incident since he started working as a police officer in Cleveland in 2014. He reportedly once lost his portable radio, he repeatedly called a woman “sir” and erroneously noted her personal info, and responded late to a man lying face down in a field.

Nhiwatiwa is scheduled for sentencing on January 21.