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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Son Launches GoFundMe For Mother Who Had Been Living the American Dream Despite Having a Debilitating Mental Illness

Family hangs on to hope and long-term medical care as the best medical option

Blanche J. Moore with her 2 sons

Dayton, OH — There was no more highly esteemed than the Moore family matriarch Blanche J. Moore when she was up and well. Into her early adult life, she suffered from mental illness and bouts of depression. A devout African American Registered Nurse by education and training, Mrs. Moore had been determined to provide for her two sons whom she practically raised single-handedly after a short marriage to their father.

Despite her illness, she defied the odds and used her savings to buy land in a Dayton, Ohio suburb and build one of the most respected 5-bedroom homes in the area all while raising her two sons. “If there is one thing she has done over the years, is live the American Dream given the cards she was dealt in life”, said one of her sons. “She never gave up and has always been a fighter.”

Blanche Moore, some might say had been a model citizen, was an active member for some time with the Dayton Black Nurses Association and a faithful tither in church whenever she had the funds. She encouraged her sons to always challenge themselves when pursuing academia pursuits and to never give up.

One of her sons has started a GoFundMe page to help her and her family cover ongoing costs of her long-term medical treatment, home maintenance and related expenses. She had recently had a heart attack one week before Mother’s Day while attending service and is currently in a coma within a local Dayton, Ohio long-term care facility.

How you can help
Donations can be made to the Blanche J. Moore and Family GoFundMe page at: https://www.gofundme.com/moore-family-help


Jason Moore

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