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Monday, June 8, 2020

Speakers Magazine Challenges Black CEOs to Speak Up About Racial Injustices

Honoring the Legacy of George Floyd

Speakers Magazine with Velma Trayham on the cover

Detroit, MI — The June issue of Speakers Magazine is online and features Dr. Velma Trayham who grew up in Houston and knew George Floyd, who was also from Houston. “The entire world witnessed in horror George’s murder in the hands of Minneapolis police officers. I am so hurt by what has taken place. George Floyd was near and dear to my heart – we grew up on the same street,” said Trayham.

Dr. Trayham, who is an award-winning business owner of Thinkzilla Consulting Group out of Atlanta, speaks on leadership, entrepreneurship, and women’s empowerment across the nation. “Now is the time for us to embrace responsibility and build a just and fair society for our children’s children. As a mother of black boys, I am praying and seeking divine intervention, solutions, and wisdom from God.”

Dr. Trayham is about action. She pioneered a nonprofit in 2017, the Millionaire Mastermind Academy, to educate and support the women-owned businesses – which she believes strengthens the economic impact of their community.

As an industry leader and an award-winning entrepreneur working the major brands and Fortune 500 companies, she has devoted herself to helping others achieve the same success. “My message is about resiliency and faith. I tell my story in my book, When God Says Go.”

Dr. Trayham’s journey to success began in poverty and with traditional education combined with real-world experience. “I had three business failures, but I did not give up. I found that my personal experiences taught me how to fail forward, fast.”

Read her story in this month’s Speakers Magazine along with features on:

* Quinn Conyers, a speaker who helps women to verbalize their value and founder of the movement, Speak Black Woman!

* Katrina Shaw, CEO and Founder of MANE (Mammograms Are Not Enough) a nonprofit that advocates for breast cancer awareness, holistic health, and wellness products

* Octavia E. Vance, a certified life and intimacy coach, and podcaster

* Tiffany Smith, Owner of Dream Team Consulting LLC and public speaker that has a passion for helping others reach their dreams

* LaToya Warren, a Spiritual Life Coach and does cultural diversity & professional development training

* Montell Carr, Financial Empowerment Coach & Speaker


“This issue of Speakers Magazine features speakers who are making a difference in the world by shining a light on racial equality, cultural diversity, economic empowerment, and spiritual nourishment. We wanted to honor George Floyd’s legacy by letting the world know that we, as black speakers, are going to do the work to make the world a better place and promote justice and equality in our communities,” said Pam Perry, publisher of the magazine.


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Leah Hubbard
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