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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Magazine For Black CEOs, Speakers, and Authors Releases 3 Free “Lockdown” Issues

Speakers Magazine’s latest issues, available for free download, help professional Black speakers who are pivoting during the pandemic!

Speakers Magazine

The February, March and April 2020 issues

Nationwide — The three latest issues of Speakers Magazine are available to be read online and/or downloaded to all devices for free. Combined, they are being called the “Lockdown” issues as they provide key tips and solutions for  professional speakers and event hosts who are learning how to pivot while on lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Speakers who planned in-person events in February, March and April suddenly had to cancel, postpone or change the delivery method of their events,” said Pam Perry, publisher of the publication.

Zoom, StreamYard, Hopin and other video conference platforms are becoming the new normal. “Since the mandated lockdown quarantines across the country, our featured speakers and cover stories have figured out ways to get their message out via online media or streaming,” said Perry.

Recently Speakers Magazine partnered with legacy publication, Ebony Magazine, to produce its first ever global virtual conference, EbonyCon. “With over 50 speakers, including 20 from our roster, the event was able to keep speakers in front of audiences for four days. Thousands tuned in,” said Perry.

To see how other speakers are managing this COVID-19 crisis, readers can download the last few issues at SpeakersMagazine.net. Stories include:

* Top 4 Things Learned About Being a Speaker
* Covering Your Assets: The Coronavirus and Your Upcoming Event
* The Other Side of Sponsorships
* Takeaways for Building a Dynamic Personal Brand and Podcast

“When you see some of our cover stories, like Kearn Cherry or Ed Gordon, they have made the switch to virtual events look easy. Ed has been leading conversations for the NAACP with thousands tuning it via teleconference and Facebook LIVES. Kearn has been on dozens of virtual summits and podcasts. It’s the new way to stay connected when you can’t connect in person to get heard and seen,” said Perry.


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