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Friday, November 17, 2023

Magazine For Black Speakers Unveils Inaugural Cohort of ‘Speak Sell Shine’ Highlighting Diverse Talents in Professional Speaking

Teri Donelson on the cover of Speakers Magazine

NationwideSpeakers Magazine is excited to announce the inaugural cohort of Speak Sell Shine™, a groundbreaking initiative that celebrates the achievements and fosters collaboration among Black and diverse professional speakers, authors, and consultants from across the country. The event, to be held at the renowned National Press Club, marks a significant milestone in the world of professional speaking.

This year’s cohort features an impressive lineup of talented professionals, including Teri Donelson, Tiana Myers, Trina Ramsey, Dr. Laticia Nicole, Omar L. Harris, Stacy Hawkins Adams, Eva Medilek, Karolyn Drone Smith, Dr. Anita Powell, Yolanda M. Smith, Natalie Shand-Spellman, Stephen Boyd, Dr. Rhonda M. Wood, Dr. Rosalind Y. Tompkins, Eric Collier, Vicki Wright Hamilton, Dr. Pam Love, Linnita Hosten, Rob YB Youngblood, and Dr. Laticia Nicole Beatty. These individuals exemplify success and collaboration in their fields.

A significant aspect of Speak Sell Shine™ is the launch of the Speaker Sizzle Reels. These reels highlight the unique strengths, speaking styles, and expertise of each cohort member, positioning them as ideal candidates for media interviews, speaking engagements, and virtual events.

The event was graced by renowned media personalities, including Kelly Wright, an Emmy Award-winning Journalist; Denise Rolark Barnes, the publisher of the Washington Informer; Dr. Yanick Rice Lamb, a former magazine editor and professor at Howard University; Sharrarne Morton of SiriusXM Radio; Dr. Vikki Johnson from Soul Wealth; Markette Shepard of Glow Stream TV; and Cassandra Grier from RadioONE. Their participation added significant depth and enriched the experience for all attendees.

Members of the Speak Sell Shine™ community have already been featured in various esteemed publications, including Women’s Journal, New York Weekly, Kivo Daily, BLK News, and CEO Weekly. They continue to inspire and influence a broad audience through their unique insights and perspectives.

Speakers Magazine’s December 2023 issue highlights the significant contributions of these professionals to the field of professional speaking. Their stories underscore the importance of shared knowledge and collective achievement in the speaking world.

Those interested in joining this vibrant community or being featured in Speakers Magazine should visit SpeakersMagazine.com to sign up for their VIP list and stay informed about future events and opportunities.

Join the brand in celebrating the remarkable success and promising future of the Speak Sell Shine™ cohort. Also, be sure to check out the Speakers Magazine Podcast on YouTube.

Speakers Magazine is a premier 7-year-old publication in the professional speaking industry, dedicated to highlighting the accomplishments of Black and diverse speakers and providing insights into professional speaking. It is published by PamPerryPR.

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