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Sunday, August 8, 2021

Entrepreneur Launches New Magazine to Help Black Men in Need and to Redefine the Image of Black Men in Media

The Black Manosphere™ Magazine 2021 Core Glossary and Report Card Becomes a No. 1 Bestseller on Amazon

Dr. Spencer Holman, founder of Black Man Sphere Magazine

NationwideThe Black Manosphere Magazine 2021 Core Glossary and Report Card, Special Annual Edition, launched by Dr. Spencer Holman in early August 2021, has already conquered many bestseller lists in several countries. The magazine primarily focuses on helping Black men in need and redefining the image of Black men in today’s media.

Dr. Spencer Holman, the creator of Black Star University (formerly Father’s Time) teamed up with the creators [Dr. Michelle Knights, Kendra Davis, Tracy Brown (DS1 R.O.S.S.), Thee Bishop, The Book of Ronin, EboSosa, Young Manhood Channel, Fit, Feminine over Forty, Sherry Peel Jackson] of the YouTube online community, The Black Manosphere, an online community created exclusively for Black men, to produce The Black Manosphere Magazine 2021 Core Glossary and Report Card, Special Annual Edition. The inaugural edition focuses on the theme, “Red Pill Man, Blue Pill World.”

Dr. Holman launched the magazine on August 4th, 2021, and the long-anticipated publication was indeed well received. The magazine climbed to the number 1 bestseller spots in the US, Canada, and Australia, and to #6 in the United Kingdom.

The magazine was featured in over 40 bestseller lists on Amazon, including Educational Leadership, Sociology of Race Relations, Parenting Morals & Responsibility, Politics & Government, Newspaper & Magazine Writing Reference, and more.

Dr. Holman’s mantra is: “What gets tracked and measured gets accomplished.” This is the driving force behind The Black Manosphere Magazine 2021 Core Glossary and Report Card, which he created to provide measurement, accountability, and solutions to help men achieve excellence. This glossary has been written for Black males and those who support them and comprises a list of over 100 words and concepts commonly used in The Black Manosphere. The report card highlights the 10 major life issues that Black men encounter on a daily basis and measures these issues. Based on these measurements, solutions are developed by activating advisory teams, establishing accountability partners, and instituting mentorships. These solutions form a repository of information, guidance, and motivation for men in support of their journey.

Dr. Holman was a co-author of Cracking the Rich Code, Volume 3 with Jim Britt, Kevin Harrington, and Tony Robbins and was a contributor to the transformational book series, The Change, Volume 16, compiled by Jim Britt and Les Brown. Dr. Holman’s own best-selling books include Fatherhood Legacy, Fatherhood Academy, The Spiritual Guide, The Wealth Management Guide, and The Black Person’s Guide to Owning a Bentley.

For more details and/or to get a copy, visit https://mybook.link/book/B09BC75HTS

About Dr. Spencer Holman

Dr. Holman, President and CEO of Black Star University, has been dedicated to motivating, inspiring, and transforming the lives of Black men, families, and community through his work at his former company, Father’s Time. For the past 30 years, he’s taught men the success principles of the 10 Life Values through the Fatherhood Academy and has impacted over one million men.

Dr. Holman brings these 10 Life Values—spirituality, health, family, appearance, dwelling, mobility, education, profession, leisure, and wealth—to his online YouTube community. As a visionary, his goal was to provide SOS—systems, order, and structure—to the space and implement solutions through the 10 Life Values to effectively address the problems that men in and out of the community struggle with. Dr. Holman’s influence and his 10 Life Values system continues to reach men in traditional communities—and now, online communities—across the United States and around the world.

The Black Manosphere has allowed his work to be made available to an online community of approximately 2.5 million men.

For press inquiries, contact (302) 897-9690.