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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spike Lee Rocks Personal Advisory on CNN

Spike Lee on CNN wearing Personal Advisory

Atlanta, GA — Film sensation, Spike Lee, was seen on CNN wearing Personal Advisory’s Nina Simone t-shirt while weighing in on Colin Kaepernick, Muhammad Ali, and urging African American voters to not get caught up in Donald Trump’s rhetoric.

“I am honored the likes of Spike Lee felt the Personal Advisory brand worthy enough to wear on CNN,” said founder Nnamdi Arinze. “It only reaffirms the purpose of everything I’m doing.”

Personal Advisory, founded in 2014, is inspired by the spirit of golden age hip hop and Pan Africanism encouraging their consumers to “Respect the Essence”. Personal Advisory gained its recognition as the featured brand at the Brooklyn Hip Hop festival in 2014 and has continued to make waves on the street wear fashion scene with living legends such as Jarobi of A Tribe Called Quest, Jazz great Robert Glasper to Dave Chappelle all being spotted wearing pieces from the Personal Advisory collection.

Retailed in New York, Atlanta, and Washington DC’s Nubian Hueman with its largest online market in New York, London, Johannesburg, and Bahia, Personal Advisory’s brand reaches the multi ethnic, mainstream, underground, and progressive cultural enthusiasts of the world.


About Personal Advisory:
Personal Advisory is all about creating clothing, preserving, and highlighting all that is relative, culturally progressive, dynamic and remarkable about the diaspora in hopes it will help empower by connecting those to their historical majesty and divine essence which is often censored, and greatly diverted by the media and self-destruction presenting itself as Hip-Hop. For more details, visit www.personaladvisory.com

For high-res images or more information on Personal Advisory, contact: narinze@personaladvisory.com


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