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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Stage Play Inspired By Black Lawyer and Undocumented Immigrant to Benefit Youth Mentoring Program

Youth program to benefit from stage play

Nationwide — The inspiring story of an illegal immigrant from Mexico, Aracely Morales, and an African American lawyer, Attorney Zulu Ali, is both inspiring and very emotional. Mexican officials brutally abused Morales, a women rights activist, and she later fled to America looking for freedom in the land of the free, but would then lose her daughter and find herself detained and ordered deported.

The story takes its shape when Attorney Ali, who in search of his life’s purpose, decided to represent Morales.

Their incredible story is the inspiration behind the stage play titled Purpose & Freedom: The Story of Attorney Zulu Ali & Aracely Morales which takes place at The Hudson Theatres, 6539 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90038, on Saturday, January 25, 2020 from 8pm to 10pm PST. The play is directed by Emily Kluger and produced by 10 Nubian Queens & 5 Kings Media.

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“The journey was a tough one and very challenging, as well. Helping good people who find themselves in difficult situations due to the weakness of our system is a purpose to which I have dedicated myself. When Aracely Morales was detained by the immigration here in the U.S after suffering abuse in Mexico, I thought it would be easy to help her gain her freedom, little did I know it will be a challenging, exhausting and an inspiring story,” says Attorney Ali.

He says further, “I lost faith and confidence in the process at a point, but in the end, it proved right that persistence indeed is a recipe for success. Aracely Morales represents strength, dedication to focus, and the quest for freedom and dignity. I find it fulfilling as a part of her freedom story and bring hope to people out there.”

For more information, visit the http://purposeandfreedommovie.com/the_stage_play


Proceeds from the stage play go to Benefit Motivateum Mentors Youth Mentoring Program (www.motivateum.org), a program that focuses on mentoring at risk youth and helping young people find purpose as well.

Recognized as a top immigration and criminal lawyer and one of the most influential black leaders in the state of California, Attorney Ali decided to represent Morales during her trial in pursuit of his purpose and he would later lose faith when the case was denied by a mean immigration judge and Morales was ordered deported. The flash of hope emerged as Aracely later won her appeal and regained her freedom, an event that sparked a fresh sense of purpose in Attorney Ali.


Emily Kluger, Play Director