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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Despite Meeting With Trump, Steve Harvey Says: “I Won’t Be At Anybody’s Inauguration”

Donald Trump With Steve Harvey

Nationwide — Steve Harvey is getting a lot of heat from the Black community regarding his recent meeting with Donald Trump, but he recently told reporters that he will not be attending the presidential inauguration. He says that his wife has other plans for him on that day.

The comedian, author, and TV/radio personality recently made headlines when the cameras captured him just as he was leaving a meeting with Trump. He reportedly made a brief stop to speak with journalists and then posed for what many are calling “an awkward photo-op” with Trump.

Afterwards, Harvey he told them that he and Trump had a “really cool meeting” on how to help inner cities and “bring about positive change”. He also added that Trump introduced him to Dr. Ben Carson, who is now the new director of Housing and Urban Development.

Harvey added that Trump realizes that there are serious problems in areas problems, and that he wants to do something about it… and that Chicago would be one of many cities that they want to help.

Despite this meeting, however, Harvey insists that he won’t be attending the inauguration.

“I’ll be turning 60 on Tuesday and my wife is taking me far away,” he said. “So, I won’t be at anybody’s inauguration because my wife said no.”

Watch the press conference below: