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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Entrepreneur Believes He Can Employ Thousands in the Black Community by Expanding His Free App

Steven A. Williams, founder of the Blue Book Black News app

Steven A. Williams, founder of the Blue Book Black News app

Nationwide — Did you know that African Americans are not only frequent users of social media, but also have helped build social media platforms like Twitter into the giants they are today by adopting and adapting them to their needs? This fact comes from Nielsen’s 2018 report, ‘The Digital Lives of Black Consumers.’

Despite African Americans being big users and influencers of the tech industry, they are not equally represented on its business side. In Silicon Valley, the percentage of Black creatives is minimal at every level. Although Milwaukee is growing a reputation for being a tech hub, this disparity exists here as well. Steven A. Williams is working to change that paradigm on a local level. He created the Blue Book Black News app because he recognized the need for Blacks to not just be consumers of technology, but to also create and own the platforms.

The Blue Book Black News app is free to download for users on Androids and iPhones. It currently has over 1,000 users. “Our focus is providing news, resource and entertainment information that is specifically tailored for the Black community,” stated app creator Steven A. Williams. “We know that the Black community is heavy users of smart devices,” he added, “we connect with them where they are and provide credible and relevant information.”

Williams created his Blue Book Milwaukee TV Guide publication in 1990. It has been a Milwaukee standard in the Black community as the go-to reference guide in which consumers are able to learn of products and services they need, events of interest and other information. The App version is a way for the publication to stay relevant in this increasingly digital based society. Now that it is mobile, information is always readily available via smart devices. “We are able to provide news and information that Black consumers may not otherwise have easy access to,” Williams stated.

In a city such as Milwaukee in which Black unemployment continues to be a major challenge, Williams aims to provide viable tech employment opportunities for African Americans. “Blacks already create content on a daily basis via the posts that are made on the social media platforms,” noted Williams, “So why not have this as a viable way for them to earn income?”

Williams currently has 20 on staff for the Blue Book Black News app; including managers, sales professionals, graphic designers and content creators. This is an important business strategy because it helps to strengthen economics in the Black community.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Williams for over 10 years,” stated Dr. Darry Tucker, Pastor of Showers of Blessings Fellowship Church in Milwaukee and owner of Power of Credit. “To see how his business has evolved into now placing my advertisements on an app that he created has been a blessing to me.” Pastor Tucker appreciates how his advertisements on the Blue Book Black News App allows his information to go out to the public much quicker compared to a traditional publication.

Williams has plans to expand the Blue Book Black News app on a national level, targeting cities across the country that have a high percentage of Black people. His long-term goal is to hire 1,000-plus contract/Gig workers. Interested individuals can go to the website (www.bluebookblacknews.com) to get on the list of sales candidates. They will be contacted based on when the business launches in their city.

Just as was the case when the first Black newspaper began over 190 years ago, there continues to be a need for media whose primary focus is the highlight the positive aspects of the Black community and to provide information in a culturally respectful manner. Additionally as noted in Nielsen’s 2018 report, “Digital tools and social media are enabling African Americans to express and celebrate their cultural identity in untethered and highly amplified ways.”

To download the Blue Book Black News app:
Go to your mobile App store, type in ‘Blue Book Black News.’


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