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Friday, April 3, 2020

Black Entrepreneur Develops New 911 Alert App Thats Keeps Family Members Informed When There’s an Emergency

Steven VanDyke, creator of 911 Alert app

Nationwide — Steven VanDyke, an entrepreneur from Atlanta, has developed a new app called 911 Alert that connects families together when an emergency occurs. Once downloaded, the app will automatically send a text message to up to ten contacts of your choice if ever you were to dial 911 to report an emergency.

Most people dial emergency services before calling their loved ones, and so the 911 Alert app bridges that gap by alerting their family and friends of their distress.

Steven, who is also the CEO of Fight…Win…Survive, says that not only does his app notify the caller’s contacts that they have dialed emergency services, but the text message they receive also contains the caller’s location at the exact time that the call was made. This can prove invaluable in emergencies when the caller is under threat from another party.

The 911 Alert app provides instant relief and satisfaction to both callers and their loved ones, a benefit that a direct 911 call does not offer. That’s because emergency services have to ask the caller to tell them their location. Under threat and possibly scared for their lives, callers may not provide accurate details. In other words, 911 doesn’t know where the caller is when they call in, but with this app, the caller’s emergency contacts will know before 911 actually knows what’s going on.

While the contacts may not be able to call the user back because they are already on the line with a 911 operator, they can use the chat feature to remain in touch with the caller. This allows them to remain in the loop via a single source of communication that has one goal – to keep the caller on their radar in real time. A chat transcript is also emailed to the caller and the emergency contacts after 72 hours as well.

The motivation behind creating the app

In 2018, Steven and his family were hit with two major emergencies. First, his sister experienced a massive stroke while on a family vacation and almost two months later, his wife’s cousin suffered a heart attack. His sister was fortunate enough to be in the presence of family members and had support through her medical emergency, but the cousin passed en route to the hospital. For days, she laid in the morgue as “Jane Doe” while family members struggled to understand what happened.

Steven wondered what would have happened if his sister had also been alone or only in the company of her 8-year old daughter. How long would it take for a family member to find out what happened? Steven knew that there had to be a more effective and instant form of communication in an emergency situation. This lead to him creating this essential mobile app.

He comments, “The app is ideal for seniors who live alone, teenagers who want to be more independent, and individuals who have medical conditions. Plus, with the fear of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its probability of spreading and a possible influx of calls to 911, the app offers an added layer of comfort for individuals and families if someone is stricken with the virus and needs to call 911.”


Download the 911 Alert app now on Android or iOS for free:

To learn more about the company or to subscribe to their news alerts, visit www.911alert.app

Watch Steven VanDyke and his wife, Crystal, talk about the app:


Steven A. VanDyke