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Monday, September 24, 2018

New Book Reveals How Black Professionals and Entrepreneurs Can Achieve True Greatness in Their Life and Career

Without All the Stress and Unnecessary Drama

Strategic Secrets by Randrick Chance

Bookcover and author, Randrick Chance

Nationwide — In today’s world of busyness, information overload, social media bombardment, and dysfunctional relationships, professionals, entrepreneurs, managers, educators, and ministry leaders need a clear voice that rises above all the noise and clutter. They need sound wisdom to make a lasting impact and sustain success.

In Strategic Secrets by Randrick Chance, readers will gain access to the most time-tested wisdom and tactics to achieve true greatness, significance, and contribution. The book helps to unlock the secrets to lasting success and impact in one’s personal and professional life.

They’ll discover:

* Why success is predictable and the 10 Simple Success Strategies to follow to become the best (pps. 15-22).

* The 7 tell-tell signs they’ve outgrown a current job, business, or ministry and it’s time to move on (pg. 79).

* How to find and do work they love and how to spot and seize opportunities that align with their unique gifts and dreams (pps. 73, 89).

* The #1 thing that will absolutely sabotage success and the 7 things they absolutely must do every day to maintain peak performance (pps. 27, 39).

* How to stop tolerating mess and learn to deal with toxic people (without losing their mind) (starting on pg. 169).

* And much, much, more!

Michael Wilson, MBA, calls it, “The most powerful book that will set you on the right path to success. This work is inspirational and uplifting.”

“Thanks for these powerful and indispensable insights,” says Roberta Tennant, MA.

About the Author

Randrick Chance is a US Navy veteran, speaker, implementation strategist, and author of 10 books, including eight back-to-back #1 Amazon bestsellers, and several online courses. He has traveled to over 26 countries and has been featured on ABC, Entrepreneur on Fire, The Wellness Revolution, Wisdom Is Freedom Show, and Veterans Leadership Podcast. He has also spoken at Chambers of Commerce, Universities, Juvenile Detention Centers, and for charitable events.

To order, go to www.Strategicsecrets.com/book. For more information, to schedule an interview, or to book for speaking engagements, please contact Rhonitta Chance at 956-900-6821 or Chance@Strategicsecrets.com.

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