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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Strayer University Leadership Under Fire for Racial Discrimination and Abuse of Power

By Sandra Wyckoff

Bryan Jones, President of Strayer University

Bryan Jones, President of Strayer University

Nationwide — In separate complaints filed in Virginia and Tennessee, employees at Strayer University, one of the largest for-profit college systems in the US, have alleged systematic racial discrimination and sexual harassment by the institution’s leadership. The suits further allege that Strayer President Bryan Jones attempted to use bribery and other coercive acts to cover up these activities.

The complaints allege among other things that Mr. Dub Taylor, a prominent Professor of Business at Strayer, was offered promotions including the title of Vice President for the expressed purpose of firing another African American employee, Ms. Gina Reed.

He was later fired for refusing to dismiss Ms. Reed. Ms. Reed alleges in her complaint that she was discriminated against because she had filed a sexual harassment claim.

Mark Lazarz, attorney for Mr. Taylor and Ms. Reed, comments, “This may seem like an ordinary story of workplace dysfunction, but the sinister and cynical use of one African American to fire another African American demonstrates a new low in corporate malice. In a week where United Airlines has used jackbooted tactics to remove a passenger from a plane, we must remain vigilante in calling out bad actors and holding their feet to the fire.”

Strayer’s situation is particularly troubling because over 60% of their student body is African American.

When contacted for comment, Mr. Taylor stated, “Over the past year, I trusted Brian Jones with my career and I thought that he would guide me to better my career in higher education. I would never have thought that he would gain my trust and then attempt to get me to do something unethical.”

When asked if she was surprised by the actions of Strayer and its president, her response was incredulous, “Surprised, shocked, but more than anything, I was disappointed.” In specific reference to Mr. President Jones, Ms. Reed stated, “I felt like this was the ultimate betrayal… It was a total shocker.”

Attorney Mark Lazarz has expressed sincere frustration at the situation. He comments, “I am continually surprised by the actions of corporate leadership. Mr. Jones was recently appointed to the National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity (NACIQI) by Speaker Paul Ryan. I am committed to seeing justice done in this case!”


Attorney Mark Lazarz