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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Black Naturopathic Doctor Launches International Association for Aspiring Healthcare Entrepreneurs

Dr. Sue “Neesy” Croft, founder of a holistic health care clinic in Central Texas, will be launching the first-ever International Healthcare Entrepreneurs Day to be celebrated during the second Saturday of October.

Dr. Sue Neesy Croft, Black Naturopath

Dr. Sue “Neesy” Croft

Killeen, TX — It’s not often that the healthcare industry acknowledges entrepreneurism. The business of healthcare usually only mentions the doctors, insurance companies and hospitals, which is why International Association Healthcare Entrepreneurs Founder/CEO Sue “Neesy” Croft ND RN.FNP-Retired, MBA/MHA has decided to launch an organization that promotes healthcare entrepreneurism.

69-year old Dr. Croft says that healthcare entrepreneurs have been around for many years yet was only seen as a MD only business venture, which included hospitals,and clinics. “I grew up in neighborhood with a whole bunch of natural health healers that grew medicine in their backyards. This holistic healthcare environment became a part of my daily life both in the US and aboard selling herbs and healing foods,” she comments.

In 1996, Dr. Croft opened the first holistic health care clinic in Central Texas and currently promotes holistic health at her NaturallyMe Alternative Therapies Center which serves clients online and in her home-based office.

After assisting over 350+ nurses to open their own business with her DIY Health Care Agency manual and receiving 42.7 CEUs from an approved provider of the American Nurses Credentialing Center she opened her business consulting practice, LifeStyle & Business Consulting Services.

“International Association Healthcare Entrepreneurs is so much more than a organization of just entrepreneurs in healthcare, it the business of healthcare,” says Dr. Croft. “It’s my way to help healthcare professionals who are tired of the demands of bedside healthcare, where you have little to no control over the type of care you deliver. Helping healthcare professionals transition from the BedSide2CEO is what I love to do which is why I am taking things one step further by launching the International Healthcare Entrepreneurs Day will be celebrated the second Saturday of October.”

This national day of recognition is for all those unsung healthcare entrepreneurs/ professionals making a difference at the lowest community level.

With the launching of the IAHE, their mission is to educate, promote and support healthcare entrepreneurism on a global level. Dr Croft’s goal is educate aspiring healthcare entrepreneurs in how to get their business off the ground successfully.


About International Association Healthcare Entrepreneurs (IAHE)
Founded in April 2019, IAHE is a Black-owned association, opened to all nationalities. Offering, healthcare business startup, information to inspiring healthcare entrepreneurs. They are committed to educating, promoting, and supporting healthcare entrepreneurism.

The IAHE will sponsors programs and workshops which includes lessons and strategies to launch successful business, including:

● Business Healthcare Entity Setup
● Choosing Reputable Healthcare Business Consultants
● Low-Cost Healthcare Business Models
● Marketing Your Health Business
● Building Your Social Media Presence locally and internationally
● Building a Healthcare Entrepreneurs and Service Provider Directory

To learn more about International Association Healthcare Entrepreneurs, as well as the upcoming events and programs and being a part of this organization,(collaborations and affiliates are forming) – head over to www.facebook.com/bedside2ceo.

To connect with LifeStyle & Business Consulting Services and Dr. Croft, go to www.yourpassion2profithqtrs.com


International Association Healthcare Entrepreneurs (IAHE)
(254) 213-3138