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Monday, September 28, 2015

Black America is Tired of Being Victimized by Racism

— “Generation B: Black America’s Reset to Success” gives workable solutions to bring success to all African Americans —

Generation B Black America's Reset By Suru Manek

Bookcover and author, Suru Manek

Nationwide — A black man is killed every 28 hours by police or vigilantes. Forty percent of the prison population is black, but blacks do not make up 40 percent of the entire population of the United States. Black America suffers—police brutality, poverty, illiteracy, babies with no fathers, crime rates through the roof.

But as successful entrepreneur and author, Suru Manek, points out, “There are many who cry racism as the problem, but if racism is still the underlying reason why is Black America so beaten down? And if so much is being done to handle racism, why is the problem so overwhelming?”

While racism certainly appears to be rampant in America, trying to make it the solution to the problem Black America faces may just be another subtle form of slavery. It certainly makes millions for news agencies, foments division among communities, and pits police against citizens—but it certainly does not make life better for the hundreds of thousands of African Americans who suffer.

When you find and name the real problem, a solution will always present itself. The key lies in the idea that “success is the best revenge.”

Manek’s new book, Generation B: Black America’s Reset to Success offers a revolutionary solution to many of the problems Black America faces. Manek, a Gujarati Indian who grew up in Kenya under the oppressive thumb of the British Empire, could easily have been a victim of racism. However, he learned how to not fall victim to the discrimination all people of color experienced in colonial Africa. By living a clean, ethical life, honoring his family and his deities, and working hard for economic and social success, Manek left Africa and found fantastic success in America.

Also the author of Scholarships for International Students, a book that has helped thousands of underprivileged teenagers around the world find success in American Universities, Manek has never been comfortable with the ever-widening chasm of racial inequality America exhibits. He wondered—what would happen if African Americans applied a cultural blueprint similar to his own? Generation B: Black America’s Reset to Success is the result.

Racism exists in America, but the key to success is learning how to overcome its oppressive clutches by finding social and economic success as a culture. Generation B: Black America’s RESET to Success offers a solution for Black America, one that African Americans everywhere are invited to participate. For real change will only happen when black communities across America decide to reset themselves as a culture and change from within.

About the Author:
Suru Manek, a successful business owner and long-time president of the Lohana Community of Los Angeles, is of East Indian ancestry. Growing up in abject poverty in rural Kenya, Manek experienced extreme racial discrimination at the hands of the British colonial government. He vowed to never be victimized, staying true to his Gujarati heritage of deep spiritual commitment, strong family ties, and an entrepreneurial spirit that has always helped him. He was named the 2014 Raghuvanshi, the International Lohana Person ( A Gujarati sect) of the Year, for giving back to his community in the fields of religion, culture, education, and intermingling with other communities in the Los Angeles area.


Suru Manek

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