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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

swim swim swim I SAY Launches ‘Our Gifted Swimmers’ for Autistic and Special Needs Children

— Agnes Davis CEO of Innovative Swim School in NYC —

— Features in The Associated Press, ABC News, USA Today —

Agnes Davis, swim swim swim I Say

Agnes Davis, swim swim swim I Say

New York, NY — Agnes Davis, CEO, swim swim swim i say (sssIS, www.swimswimswimisay.com), is on a crusade to empower families, students and adults on the fundamentals of swimming while simultaneously reducing drowning in children diagnosed with autism. With little teaching experience as it relates to autism, a request from a parent four years ago and increase enrollment, recently inspired a new division at sssIS, entitled, ‘Our Gifted Swimmers’ program. As stated in a recent Wall Street Journal article, ‘Diagnostic Substitution’ Drives Autism Spike has created a surge for instructional swimming classes by 83% at our company,” says Agnes Davis. Davis is the only female-owned and operated swimming company based in Upper Manhattan servicing reet, Harlem and the Bronx.

In 2011, a mother called swim swim swim I SAY looking for a program to enroll her child with special needs. She explained the challenges of finding a school with an updated methodology for interacting with special need students, however her search came up short. “I was very clear with the parent that I did not have any specific experience, but was willing to try; she just needed to bring the student,” says Davis. Today, Davis has seen a steady increase with students diagnosed with autism and created a division to simply celebrate and take away the stigma and power of the word, ‘special needs’ while focusing on achievement with the ‘Our Gifted Swimmers’ program. I know the power of words and all children want to feel special, no matter what,” declares Davis.

Swim swim swim I SAY approach to teaching children with Autism is multi-tiered:

* 1:1 ratio classes for concentration and attention reasons
* Never underestimate what they can achieve
* Don’t baby them – push them to do a little more than what they did before
* Always have something positive to say with their skill even if it wasn’t perfect
* Build their confidence with each lesson
* Allow the parents to sit and watch and give them a break. We have to establish the relationship with the student while forming trust between the student and parent
* Autistic children are attracted to water and if they disappear, the news is unfortunately not positive. We teach the student to ask permission of the parent or guardian to “ GO to the water”
* Eye contact must be given, even for a split second
* If the student is non-verbal, they DO understand what you are saying, speak with clarity
* Hugs and smiles are a must for instructor and student

See Agnes Davis’ video on Autism Awareness featured on USATODAY.com ~ www.usatoday.com/videos/life/2015/04/23/26243633/


The mission of sssIS is to introduce swimming as an empowerment tool and total body exercise by encouraging children and families to stay active while reducing drowning, diabetes, hypertension and stress. Davis’ passion to encourage children, adults and parents to jump into the water and learn to swim helped her score media features in The Associated Press, USA Today, Washington Post, Sirius XM, AOL Parenting, ABC News and Yahoo.

To learn more about Agnes Davis and swim swim swim I SAY, visit their website, www.swimswimswimisay.com. For media interviews, contact Karen Taylor Bass, 917-509-3061, Karen@karentaylorbass.com.


Karen Taylor Bass