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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Author Chronicles the Life of His Aunt, a Sharecropper Turned Millionaire

Boyd Sylvestor, author of The Road From Money

NationwideThe Road from Money by Sylvester Boyd, Jr. explores the life and times of his aunt, Estella Clemens, whose journey begins in the cotton fields of the south but later becomes a millionaire in the north.

Readers travel through time starting in 1927 thru Part 3 of the series ending in 1968. The author uses family stories woven together with the history, inventions, and music of the eras. At the same time, Mr. Boyd covers the Jim Crow South, civil rights struggles, wars, assignations; and the differences between races, religions, cultures, and economic status. He also highlights the joy and the many wonderful contributions that African Americans have made to this country. He uses family stories across generations and his personal life experiences to write The Road from Money series; hoping to teach and uplift readers while pointing out injustice and racism.

Mr. Boyd’s expertise in business, education, motivational speaking, the entertainment industry, and world travel gives him a unique perspective and insight into current racial and poverty-driven tensions around the world.

Currently, he can be seen on several major TV series and movies with Academy Award-winning actors such as Taraji P. Henson and Forest Whittaker. As a background actor, he has also appeared with other well-known actors in The Dilemma, Transformers 3, Empire, The Boss, Chicago PD/MED/Fire, Shameless, LoveCraft Country, Fargo, and other TV episodes. Mr. Boyd is highly adept at highlighting many of America’s deep-seeded issues that are relevant today.

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