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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Black Author, Speaker and Former City Councilwoman Releases New Book on the Art of Juggling

Art of Juggling by Sylvia Jordan

Author Sylvia Jordan and her bookcover

Southfield, MI — By all accounts, women have never been so empowered, or under more pressure. As Sylvia Jordan explains in her new book, The Art of Juggling: The Successful Woman’s Guide to Finding Balance in Life, women are often so busy trying to “have it all” that they are unaware of what makes them truly happy or fulfilled. For Jordan, a life of passion and joy is not only possible, but our birthright. It all comes down to determination, passion and faith.

Sylvia Jordan is a veteran juggler by any standard, balancing careers as an author, speaker and former city councilwoman with the challenges of being a wife and mother. However, it was not always this way. Like so many women, she felt overwhelmed by the effort to take care of everyone else and often putting her own needs last. It was only after committing to what made her truly happy that she was able to discern which “pins” were truly hers to juggle and which ones belonged to others.

“I learned a long time ago that achieving balance is not a one-size-fits-all proposition,” Jordan said, “Every woman must figure out what aspects of her life are most important, and discover the rhythm at which she can juggle them. This book is about helping them find that rhythm.”

Now Jordan has turned her journey of self-discovery – which was by turns painful and humorous, into a roadmap to empower other women.

“I started to become aware of the patterns that had shaped my life,” Jordan recalls, “But more importantly, I realized that I alone had the power – and the responsibility – to create what I want moving forward.”

With an approach that is both heart-centered and practical, Jordan shows us how to be fully present in the moment, release the “obligations” that distract us and open up to new people and experiences.

“When you get very clear on what you want your life to look like,” Jordan states, “the fog will begin to lift. You will start to see the areas in which your energy has been scattered and how you can bring it back into focus. That is the key to keeping your pins in the air.”

Recognizing which “season” you are in is another component of this journey. You may have a goal that for whatever reason does not fit into your life at the moment. Jordan advises her readers to objectively assess their current circumstances and understand that they too will pass. If they continue to believe in themselves and the process of life, the opportunity to pick up that pin will present itself again.

The Art of Juggling will show readers the benefits of nurturing their relationship with themselves, including:

* Increased confidence
* Acceptance and release of past events
* Taking responsibility (and forgiving yourself) for your mistakes
* Remembering what really makes you happy
* Recognizing and letting go of limiting beliefs
* Learning how to release those who do not support you and your transformation
* Uncovering and embracing spirituality

“When you learn the ‘art of juggling’ you will approach life from a completely different perspective,” says Jordan. “The important thing is to know and love who you truly are, and to have patience with yourself. I have learned to own my choices and make them from a place of empowerment. Sometimes in surrendering control, we stepped into the power to script our lives.”


About the Author:
Sylvia Jordan an author, speaker and former city councilwoman. She has written five books and has lectured all over the world on such topics as global and personal leadership development, entrepreneurship, women and career development, and community-building and sustainability. Sylvia is also a mother and wife of a pastor. For more information, visit www.sylviajordan.com

(The Art of Juggling: The Successful Woman’s Guide to Finding Balance in Life by Sylvia Jordan; ISBN: 978-1943127535; $14.99; 118 pages; DIMENSIONS 5.5 x 0.3 x 8.3 inches, Paperback; also available on Kindle format at Amazon.com)


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