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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Black Family-Owned Potato Chip Brand Expands to 41 States — Plans to Launch New Smoked Barbecue Flavor!

Black family founders of Symphony Chips

Dondre Anderson, and his two daughters, Amina and Amari, are the founders of Symphony Chips

Nationwide — Symphony Potato Chips, a Black-owned family business based in Atlanta, GA is quickly becoming a household name. Harmonious and flavorful are words that are used everyday, but try saying that with your mouth full of these gourmet potato chips!

Launched earlier this year by Dondre Anderson and his two daughters, Amina and Amari, word has quickly spread about their gourmet seasoned, all-natural, gluten-free potato chips! In fact, the company is getting daily orders from all over the country – 41 states to be exact. Sales have come in from all over the southeast, most of the northeast, the midwest, and even as far west as Hawaii.

Dondre says that they have had sales success in all but 9 states, and he encourages everyone to visit their website (www.symphonychips.com) and place an order for a chance to win a free 12-pack of chips. This offer is only good, however, while supplies last!

A new flavor is on the way

All of their success has been accomplished so far with just one flavor which is their Original flavor, but now the father-daughter team are planning to soon release a new flavor called SMOKED! This new flavor, created by Executive Chef Andre (Amina and Amari’s grandfather, and Dondre’s dad), was designed with smoked barbeque in mind but also with a gourmet twist.

Chef Andre comments, “While others are searching for flavors for you to snack on, we are providing a gourmet flavor you can feast on!”

With all the 5-star feedback from the Symphony Chips’ original flavor, they are confident that their customers’ taste buds are watering with anticipation of this new flavor. The trio prides themselves on staying humble and disciplined as they realize that success can be short-lived unless you stay focused and unafraid of the road ahead, which is always under construction.

For more details and/or to place an online order, visit www.symphonychips.com


Dondre Anderson
Symphony Chips