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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Black Woman Tech Entrepreneur Ready To Democratize Social Health Empowerment With First Health, Fitness and 360° Well-Being App For Women

Tam Williams, founder of the company, She’s It, says it’s like having up to 10 apps integrated all in one.

Tam Williams, founder of SheApp

Tam Williams, founder of SheApp

Philadelphia, PA — West Chester, PA based Lifestyle Technology & Content Media Company, She’s It, LLC is launching the first downloads of its Social Health Empowerment app, SHEapp®, the weekend of September 14th at the Rock N Roll Marathon Series during their Health Expo at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. The app, which has been in development for over a year, empowers women take ownership of their health by shaping the conversations on health, fitness and well-being.

The company’s digital platform combines the power of conversations with the strength of mobile technology, enabling women to achieve positive behavioral changes, leading to 360° well-being.

She’s It has been showcased around the country, providing full body composition analyses to attendees of health and fitness EXPO’s since Fall 2017 at major conferences and expos including the Disney Wine & Dine Health Expo and Disney Princess Half Marathon Health Expo in Orlando, NBC4 Fitness Expos in Washington, DC, Philadelphia and NYC, the PA Conference for Women and several others.

She’s It Founder and President, Tam Williams, wanted to provide a product that would empower women to engage, learn and be motivated to look beyond the scale and to look at themselves first. When asked about her brainchild, Williams, who considers herself not only a Founder and Women’s Equality Activist but a Black Woman who wasn’t finding what she really needed for a healthy lifestyle that went beyond just eating, exercise and general health says, “I’ve been known to challenge the status quo because if it doesn’t exist, let’s bring it to life. We plan to do that by disrupting the digital health and wellness space with the Democratization of 360° Well-Being by bringing data to life focusing on conversations and issues that matter for women”.

Tam often recites a quote by Michelle Obama who says, “BEING A HEALTHY WOMAN isn’t just about getting on a scale or measuring your waistline. We need to start focusing on what matters – on how we feel and how we feel about ourselves.” Tam believes and preaches that “Everybody is Different and Every ‘BODY’ is Different” which is why the first feature you see in SHEapp is My Personal Body Blueprint, known as MPBB before you move through the other features of My Food My Moves, My Communities, My ELM Articles, My Entertainment and My Planner. Women need to know that no matter what regimen you follow, if any, you can use the SHEapp ecosystem to support your healthy journey and join us as we Shape the Conversation on fifteen topics that matter to make up the sum total of 360° Well-Being.

The She’s It team will be in Booth 243 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center on September 14 and 15 where there will be giveaways and more to celebrate. For those that can’t attend in person there will be virtual celebrations online throughout the weekend. Some of the specials include a 30-day free SHEapp trial to get started on the “HEALTHy WELLthy Journey” to 360° Well-Being. You can pre-register for the SHEapp launch to get sneak peeks and more leading up to the launch. http://bit.ly/APPLAUNCH


About She’s It, LLC
SHE’S IT® is a Lifestyle Technology and Content Media Company for SOCIAL HEALTH EMPOWERMENT® We democratize 360° Well-Being ™ by combining the strengths of mobile technology with the power of conversations that connects us all. Their digital platform is inclusive of a proprietary suite of products and services center around Lifestyle Technology beginning with SHEapp® a mobile platform that engages women in tracking their health-focused progress while being supported to Engage, Learn and be Motivated to optimize their HEALTHy WELLthy Journey®. They do this through health-focused data and analytics connected to conversation communities, content and direct access to video and audio resources. SHEapp® empowers women across the globe to take back their health and well-being. The SHEapp® Corporate Wellness platform broadens our Social Health Empowerment® reach to employees through health-focused proprietary data and analytics. More information about She’s It is available at www.Shes-It.com or 855-937-7437 Ext 700 or margye@shes-it.com .

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