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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Mom of Black Teen Millionaire to Host Free Online Family Business Summit

The Raising A Mogul Family Business Summit is set to take place online to teach parent managers how to build million-dollar brands.

Raising a Mogul Family Business Summit

Nationwide — Raising A Mogul Brand Management & Consulting Firm has proudly announced that even though the recent pandemic has impacted travel this summer the annual parent manager business summit will happen. This year the event, which was originally scheduled to be hosted at a Florida Disney World resort, will take place online. Though the delivery method has changed, the goal, mission, and game-changing content have not. Known as the Raising A Mogul Family Business Summit, this inspiring and only of its kind event will take place from Thursday, June 25th, 2020 to Sunday, June 27th. The summit is primarily dedicated to parent managers and young moguls or kids in business.

In today’s technology-driven world, kids are gaining more access to business and entrepreneurship opportunities. With the right support and guidance, these gifted young people can easily turn their skills into something financially lucrative and legacy building.

“A summit like this is very unique. As it is not only focused on parents, but sessions and content are created with the young mogul in mind. We are encouraging parent managers from across the nation to take advantage of this free virtual experience and join us online the final weekend of this June,” said Tamara Zantell, the founder and CEO of Raising a Mogul, LLC., while sharing her thoughts about the upcoming family business summit. “We have proudly created an accelerated learning experience that transforms the world’s most promising young moguls and their family businesses into the next generation of powerful leaders,” she added. As an inspiring parent manager, Tamara proudly helped her 9-year old daughter Zandra turn her kitchen table hobby into a million-dollar brand, and she now wants to teach other parent managers to do the same.

Raising A Mogul is committed to providing parents with the confidence, knowledge, and tools required to support their children in the building of their dreams today. These parents are encouraged to challenge the status quo and prove that children don’t have to be adults to begin contributing to and changing the world.

Raising A Mogul will also highlight its newest initiative, The Young Mogul Prep School Program. This first of its kind business school is a young entrepreneur to master CEO mastermind program, focused on supporting children aged 6-18 in the building and scaling of their businesses.

This year the internationally recognized and supported Raising a Mogul brand boasts some of the most dynamic speakers and presenters from around the world and will be emceed by Detra Trueheart, author, strategist, and CEO of TrueheartSpeaks Enterprises and Miss. Jade Kelly the young entrepreneur and CEO of Jade’s Journee.

Day 1 is focused on how to ensure young business owners are included in the right conversation and have a seat at the table. Expert trainers in this area include Sharvette Mitchelle, Online Strategist, and Platform Builder (Virginia). Terri Hunt, Writing and Educational Specialist (Georgia), James Cunningham, Business Certification Expert (New York), and D’Shawn Russell CEO and Founder of Southern Elegance Candle Company (North Carolina)

Day 2 is all about the impact these young moguls can make on the world. Bringing awareness to this topic is Audra Lowray-Upchurch, Master Anthologist, (Virginia), Kandia Johnson, Visibility Strategist, (Virginia), Kalilah Wright, Founder and CEO of Mess In A Bottle (Baltimore), and the current class of Young Mogul Prep school (with students from the USA, Malta, and Africa)

Day 3 will wrap with content focused on increasing income and revenue. Facebook Ad strategist, Dottie Reynolds (Chicago), YouTube expert, Rory Bland (Australia), Arion Long, CEO and Founder of Femly (Maryland), and Charles Smith, of Black Fathers Exist, will all share practical strategies for scaling and profiting in business (Georgia).

“Raising a Mogul is a leading Parent Manager Community around the world, and my mission is to continue supporting, coaching, and mentoring young mogul brands and working with their parents so they can truly build their family legacy. Perhaps they can even become corporate dropouts to work full-time for their teenage child like I did,” Tamara added. The summit will have several leading speakers talking about topics such as business startup, marketing, e-commence conversions, PR/Media, brand partnerships, scaling strategies, business mindset, and much more. The summit is free of charge and registration is needed to receive access to virtual content. A wide range of leading brands and companies have signed up as sponsors and partners for this summit.

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