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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Mom of a Teen Millionaire to Host Summit Teaching Other Parent Managers How to Do the Same

The Raising a Mogul Family Business Summit is all set to take place in Atlanta this June, welcoming parent managers nationwide.

Tamara Zantell, CEO of Raising A Mogul, with her daughter Zandra

Tamara Zantell, CEO of Raising A Mogul, with her entrepreneurial daughter Zandra

Atlanta, GA — Raising a Mogul Brand Management & Consulting Firm has proudly announced that it is organizing an empire building focused family business summit in Atlanta, Georgia. Known as the Raising A Mogul Family Business Summit, this inspiring and first of its kind event will take place from Thursday, June 27th to Sunday, June 30th, 2019. Moreover, the summit is primarily dedicated to parent managers and young moguls or kids in business. In today’s technology driven world, kids are smarter than their parents and they can easily turn their sharp skills into something financially productive, if they are getting the right support by their parents.

“A summit like this has never been done before and we are welcoming parents managers from across the nation to join us in Atlanta on the final weekend of this June,” said Tamara Zantell, the CEO of Raising A Mogul, LLC., while sharing her thoughts about the upcoming family business summit. “We have proudly created an accelerated learning experience that transforms the world’s most promising young moguls and their family businesses into the next generation of powerful leaders,” she added. As an inspiring parent manager, Tamara proudly helped her 9-year old daughter Zandra turn her kitchen table hobby into a million-dollar brand, and she now wants to teach other parent managers do the same.

Being a parent manager in today’s entrepreneur-driven world is indeed an addition challenge on top of the normal parenting duties. Raising A Mogul is committed to provided parents with the confidence, knowledge and tools required to support their children in the building of their dreams today. These parents are encouraged to challenge the status quo and prove that children don’t have to be adults to begin contributing to and changing the world.

Raising A Mogul has launched their newest initiative, The Young Mogul to CEO Partnership where seasoned entrepreneurs will be paired with kids in a mentorship capacity. The future CEO will receive a scholarship to attend the Raising A Mogul Pop Up Campus in Atlanta during the Summit in addition to one on one time with their selected mentor.

“Raising a Mogul is a leading Parent Manager Community around the world, and it is also a brand management and consulting firm specializing in supporting, coaching, and mentorship for young mogul brands and micro businesses,” Toushonta Hogan, the company’s COO added. The summit will have several leading speakers talking about topics such as business startup, marketing, e-commence conversions, PR/Media, brand partnerships, scaling strategies, business mindset and much more. The venue is Four Points by Sheraton Atlanta Airport West, and a wide range of leading brands and companies have signed up as the sponsors and partners for this summit.

For more information on mentoring/sponsoring a future CEO and tickets, please visit:
www.raisingamogulsummit.com or www.raisingamogul.org


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Tamara Zantell
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