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Sunday, September 12, 2021

Black Founder Launches Free Webinar to Teach Franchise Ownership Options for Entrepreneurs

Tamika Franklyn, founder Precision Franchise

Nationwide — Since 2020, new businesses are emerging at an unprecedented rate and as more accessible paths to entrepreneurship arise, franchising has become a viable, more attainable option to consider, and the founder of Precision Franchise, Tamika Franklyn, is helping African Americans to explore their franchise ownership options across a wide range of industries. From September 2, 2021, through October 28, 2021, Precision Franchise will host the Precision Franchise Neighborly Series, which will present individuals with home-based and remote franchise ownership opportunities.

At no cost to clients, Precision Franchise provides entrepreneurs with the knowledge and resources they need to own profitable franchise businesses. In the African American community, only 8% are part of the franchise industry, but while franchise ownership is underrepresented within the black community, Tamika Franklyn, is one of few Black woman business franchise consultants and she is passionate about bringing awareness of franchise ownership to the Black community.

The Precision Franchise Neighborly Series offers insight to individuals who want to start a recession-proof business that allows flexibility and adaptability to work from home or still maintain their current career. Attendees will gain the knowledge and clarity needed to determine what industry best fits their financial and lifestyle needs. Additionally, while franchise ownership is often associated with the restaurant industry, the series will explore multiple franchise opportunities across many different industries – even franchise businesses that do not require a brick-and-mortar store or physical location.

“I am very excited about our September series,” Tamika states. “I’m grateful to help so many entrepreneurs pursue their dreams of franchise ownership, it’s even more gratifying to know that I’m assisting them on their journey to financial freedom, prosperity, generational and community wealth.”

As a Franchise Brokers Association (FBA) member, Precision Franchise is equipped to educate guests in all aspects of their franchise discovery process. With so many viable categories such as homecare, beauty, restaurants, and more, this event will set aspiring owners up for success and introduce them to a new world of business.

To sign up for the Precision Franchise Neighborly Series, visit PrecisionFranchise.com and follow the company on Instagram and Facebook.

About Precision Franchise
Precision Franchise is a black-women-owned client complimentary service that helps identify franchise or business opportunities that meet individuals personal, professional, financial, and lifestyle goals. Precision Franchise provides free guidance and information on franchise businesses. The company connects entrepreneurs with the tools needed to secure and achieve profitability within franchise business ownership.

For press inquiries, contact tamika@precisionfranchise.com