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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Black Historian to Release New Book of African American Monuments and Statues

Tammy Gibson, author of 'Honoring the Legacy'

Nationwide — Tammy Gibson is an entrepreneur, historian, traveler, and educational speaker. Her mission is to raise awareness, impact the youth, and preserve pride in African American culture through her personal journey. Her passion began at a young age in Chicago, IL. Raised by entrepreneurial parents, they modeled the importance of hard work and instilled the significance of education as the vehicle to transport her to the life of her dreams. Tammy earned her B.A. in African American Studies from Chicago State University.

Tammy’s increasing interest in African American history has led her to travel extensively to explore Africa and several cities throughout the United States to gather information about the hidden treasures of African Americans that are erased from history. Journaling the path of her ancestors, she has visited several national parks, historical landmarks, museums, markers, cemeteries, slave plantations, findings of the Underground Railroad, sleeping in slave cabins to honor the enslaved, and meeting historical leaders of the Civil Rights Movement.

Tammy’s teachings of African American history through her travels, storytelling, and collection of primitive artifacts have inspired adults and the youth to learn and understand the importance of events and people of the African diaspora. Her motto is “Black history is more than 28 days.”

Her upcoming guidebook, Honoring The Legacy: A Guide of African-American Monuments and Statues, provides an outdoor museum of a list of over 500+ monuments and statues of prominent African Americans and historical events that have shaped history and past and present African American sculptors, through their artistic work, who have created beautiful and impressive monuments that will withstand the test of time.

Honoring The Legacy: A Guide of African-American Monuments and Statues will be released September 15, 2020. To reserve your copy, go to www.sankofatravelher.com


Tammy Gibson
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