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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Entrepreneur Tanya M. Howard Brings Delicious Southern Style Food to Local Grocery Store Freezers

— Mouth Meets South™ Fills Void in Grocer Freezer Section, Captures Essence of Southern Cuisine in Convenient, Delicious Meals —

Tanya M. Howard

Tanya M. Howard, founder & CEO of Mouth Meets South

Suffolk, VA — Tanya M. Howard, founder & CEO of Mouth Meets South (www.mouthmeetssouth.com), was not the first to notice the lack of soul food and Southern cuisine in her grocer’s freezer section, but she is the first to do something about it.

Her new venture will bring affordable and delicious down-home cuisine to dinner tables across the country. To help make Mouth Meets South a reality, Howard launched an Indiegogo campaign enlisting the community’s support. To learn more and make a donation, visit http://igg.me/at/mouthmeetssouth.

“I’m very excited to bring Mouth Meets South to consumers who love delicious soul food and Southern cuisine,” said Howard. “Mouth Meets South honors the history of these delectable, savory, satisfying foods, passed down for generations, and representing culture, tradition, comfort, and home.”

Americans consume a lot of frozen food. On average, people eat 12 frozen meals a month, making frozen foods a $9 billion industry with tremendous growth potential. While a typical freezer section has options galore, it lacks something quintessentially American – Southern food. The traditions associated with this cuisine are as old as the land itself, dating back hundreds of years. Familiar recipes – all of which will be featured in Mouth Meets South products – include barbecue ribs, fried chicken, fried catfish, smothered pork chops, macaroni and cheese, corn pudding, steamed cabbage, black-eyed peas, and so much more.

In keeping with its core values, Mouth Meets South will combine farm-fresh ingredients with the latest in flash-freezing technology to ensure taste and nutritional value are locked in. The company will also be competitively priced and, above all, convenient for busy families who yearn for a way to bring everyone together at the table. Mouth Meets South meals are ready to serve in just minutes, saving time and providing the convenience that consumers expect of frozen foods.

“A lot of love goes into this cuisine, but often a lot of time and preparation,” Howard said. “Mouth Meets South provides the convenience of heating and eating our microwaveable meals within minutes, without compromising quality.” Donations as little as $5 will help Mouth Meets South enter the market, but for larger donations, Howard and her team have created compelling perks. Anyone contributing $15 will earn a social media “shout out.” Mouth Meets South t-shirts and aprons are available at the $35 and $75 levels, respectively. By far the most outstanding perk is reserved for those chipping in $1,000. These generous donors will have their name on a product of their choice, along with a brief bio and headshot.

Making a donation to the Indiegogo campaign is just one way to demonstrate support for Mouth Meets South. Howard encourages everyone to connect with the brand on social media to share stories of soul food and its traditions; Mouth Meets South has a growing presence on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Likewise, sharing the brand’s Indiegogo campaign and overall mission with family and friends, whether online or by word of mouth, can help Mouth Meets South build the necessary momentum to make a real impact in the frozen food section.


About Mouth Meets South (TM)
Former AP reporter and corporate affairs professional, Tanya M. Howard created Mouth Meets South™ to fill a significant void in the frozen meal grocery segment by bringing a variety of savory and delicious soul food frozen meals to grocers’ freezers for the first time in history. Howard is passionate about bringing great dishes to many more people by providing a convenient option for individuals and families who may be too busy to prepare these delicious foods and would appreciate the ease of a frozen, microwaveable meal, ready in minutes.


Mouth Meets South