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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Black Author Says That Everyone is Fighting an Ugly Battle Behind Their Beautiful Smiles

Devastating Loss Led to a Dynamic Birthing of Authors Under Tanya White’s Obedience to Persevere Through It All

Tanya White

Nationwide — Visionary author Tanya White from Louisville, Kentucky always writes from her real-life experiences – that is, once the situations are over and she has gleaned pivotal lessons from them. However, never in a million years did she imagine writing through a fresh battle of grief as she began coordinating her anthology project.

In June 2021, she shared the book title, The Battle Behind My Smile: Public Testimonies of Triumph in the Midst of Our Private Trauma with her beloved companion, Stefon. Unbeknownst to them, they both were about to live out that title which was going to extremely test their faith, focus, and perseverance.

In the midst of Tanya relocating to Indianapolis, Indiana to begin a new life with Stefon, they received heart-breaking medical news that his prostate cancer was now aggressively inoperable. Predicting a life expectancy of 6-12 months, six weeks later she was peacefully devastated when her beloved Stefon died.

Tanya shares, “I asked the Lord why He allowed us to build an amazing relationship filled with tons of love and laughter, only to have Stefon die a few weeks after I officially moved to his hometown of Indianapolis. To say that I was perturbed with God is an understatement.”

Despite not wanting to proceed with the plans for The Battle Behind My Smile, Tanya says that she obeyed God’s leadership and completed coordinating the anthology. Because she had the guts to press through her grief, 18 authors from 5 different states produced a literary gem of emotional and spiritual healing exploring topics such as:

The Battle of Having Daddy Dialogue – Coauthor Joe White, Jr.
The Battle to Not Give Up While Grieving – Visionary Author Tanya White
The Battle of Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Violence – Coauthor Kimeta Pryor
The Battle of My Bipolar Faith – Coauthor Tajiri Brackens

The Battle Behind My Smile reminds readers that everyone you meet is fighting an ugly battle, no matter how big and beautiful their smile seems to be. The book is available in Kindle format and paperback edition on Amazon as well as Barnes and Noble.

To hear Tanya White’s interview on the AMPED Up radio show, visit https://youtu.be/Uw2vfBKFims

Tanya White currently resides in Louisville, Kentucky. She is the host of the Real Talk With Tanya White radio show that was extremely popular on Blog Talk Radio and has found a new station home on WLLV 101.9 FM radio and www.wllvonline.com. Tanya is also a devoted member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, and was a featured author on the 2022 Delta Authors on Tour.

For press inquiries, contact thebattlebehindmysmile@gmail.com or 502-509-6498.