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Friday, June 14, 2019

Black Inventor Launches “Pick My Brain” Flash Cards & Tour to Help Entrepreneurs

Tara Darnley

Tara Darnley

Greensboro, NC — Starting on June 22, 2019, Dreams Inspire Reality Consulting will take their “Pick My Brain” flash cards on a national tour. The tour is inspired by Tara Darnley, a Black inventor and entrepreneur.

Tara comments, “When I had our first idea over 4 years ago, I remember having no one to turn to. I reached out to a local organization in my neighborhood for assistance in 2014 and I received a call back last year in 2018 asking me what my inquiry was about. The person on the other line was simply retrieving the calls! I thought, ‘Wow, what if I had not had the perseverance and drive to launch what is now a global 7 figure brand? How many other creatives and aspiring entrepreneurs had missed their opportunity because they lack the resource or no how?’”

Dreams Inspire Reality is global tech-enabled Full-Service Entrepreneurial Consulting Agency, helping creatives to take their product ideas and concepts from Dreams to Reality through our ever-evolving innovative approach. While strategically focusing on growing, launching, and scaling their brands by diversifying their sale channels. They started with their award-winning podcast, Dreams Inspire Reality Podcast and now our firm as pivoted to serve entrepreneurs both locally and globally.

Have you ever wanted to “Pick the Brain” of your favorite entrepreneur? But you couldn’t afford to pay them for their expertise or time? Yet, understanding how they may feel every time they hear that phrase, it can feel very transactional and dehumanizing, as if it’s just their knowledge you want, rather than to build a relationship with that person. Their brain is their main asset. So, when asking to pick someone’s brain, you are essentially requesting them to give away free information that they use to earn a living.

“I created the ‘Pick My Brain’ card deck to alleviate this uncomfortable interaction by answering the questions creatives and entrepreneurs need to start a business,” says Tara. “We’ve decided to take this a step further and take our cards on a tour.”

During the tour, they’ll uncover:

• 20 steps to start a business.
• 15 habits every entrepreneur must prioritize to achieve success.
• 10 characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.
• 5 things NOT to do.

All these facts come together to provide you with the ultimate manual for entrepreneurial success. Plus, I’ll share my journey and a few of my dope entrepreneur friends will be joining me. This is our way to give back and we are excited.

Tour stops so far include Greensboro, New York, Atlanta, and Baltimore.

Tara comments, “The response to our cards has been amazing and we’ve already secured amazing partnerships with colleges and various organization. This idea was birth and launch a little over a month and now available in our Amazon Store.”

Tara Darnley is a wife, mom, inventor, entrepreneur, and podcaster. Together Tara and her husband co-Founded Darlyng & Co., an award-winning lifestyle baby brand that has been featured on the Steve Harvey Talk Show, Essence, Marie Claire, Black Enterprise, What to Expect & Newborn and Pregnancy Magazine to name a few. They were also 2018 nominees for Black Enterprise’s Small Business of the Year.

For more information about the “Pick My Brain” Tour, interested ones can grab a free ticket on Eventbrite.

Or visit their website at www.dreamsinspirereality.com.

For sponsorship opportunities, send an email to info@dreamsinspirereality.com