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Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Black Journalist Launches Media Platform Named After Fredrick Douglass’ Newspaper

Online media platform 3D Northstar Freedom File was started by one passionate man, but is gaining traction and an ever-increasing following.

Tay Lekyle

Nationwide — Tay Lekyle has launched 3D Northstar Freedom File, a blog that addresses issues of injustices, philosophy, life, and culture related to African Americans. However, all are invited to read and subscribe. After all, some Black-specific issues are universal and can be applied to any race of people.

3D Northstar Freedom File is a platform committed to educating and enlightening society on tough issues like race, culture, politics, and history. The weekly content featured consists of news, opinion, and rhetoric that leaves readers feeling engaged and informed. The mission of 3D Northstar Freedom File is:

• Enlightenment and Education: Readers are enlightened and educated by epiphanies and “aha moments” from learning something new, gaining a different perspective, or gaining a new way of looking at the same perspective.

• Edutainment: Readers may already know some of the content and news presented, but readers feel entertained by hearing someone who thinks similarly and expresses ideas in an entertaining way.

• Relatability: Readers often think on the same frequency as 3D’s writers. Often, readers say “Thank you. That’s the same thing I’ve been saying.”

Currently, 3D Northstar Freedom File offers free content, but now, paying members have access to exclusive perks and member benefits.

Why Become a Paying Member?

Membership to 3D Northstar Freedom File is just $5 per month. When you become a paying member to 3D Northstar, you will get more hard-hitting content. Plus, you will have access to exclusive, members-only content in addition to free content. You will also get a fresh perspective on politics, race, culture, society, socio-political issues, trending topics, health, mental wellness, spirituality, history, anthropology, and philosophy.

As more members join, the quantity and variety of content will increase. As the platform grows, more intelligent minds and new writers with different perspectives will be invited to participate. As Mr. Tay Lekyle notes, “Those brilliant minds will merge with my mind to help drive the culture forward in helping to uplift or resonate with your mental frequency, offering observations on world problems and thorough solutions to those problems.”

For more details about the blog, visit 3DNorthStar.com

About the founder
Tay Lekyle was born in New Bern, North Carolina and raised in Newport News, Virginia. He attained a Bachelor Of Arts degree in Journalism in 2002. He is a military Veteran and a meticulous scholar and researcher on many topics. He started this blog as a response to the ongoing sociopolitical controversies bombarded on us daily through mainstream media and social media. This blog can give an alternative and honest assessment on issues regarding politics, race, society, culture, wellness, history, philosophy, and life.”

For press inquiries, contact dbryant9698@hotmail.com