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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Teacher Threatened Teen’s Grades If He Refused to Have Sex With Her

Jennifer Olajire-Aro

Jennifer Olajire-Aro

Charleston, SC — Jennifer Danielle Olajire-Aro, a math teacher from South Carolina, allegedly threatened one of her students to lower his grades if he would stop having sex with her. She was arrested in December and charged with sexual battery. The young man and his mother also filed a lawsuit against the school district last week.

Olajire-Aro, who is 27-years old, “used her age and position of authority” to encourage her student to have sex with her multiple times, according to the lawsuit. The student, identified in the lawsuit as “John Doe,” was only 17-years old at that time.

The coercion to have sex, which occurred from November to December 2017, happened in different locations, “including on school grounds, in her personal vehicle, and at her primary residence,” the lawsuit said. There was also one time when Olajire-Aro’s 10-month old baby was present.

Moreover, the civil lawsuit indicated that Olajire-Aro would remind the student that she is the one who controls the grade that he would receive in her class and she would lower it if he refuses her advances. The student told her mother what happened when the teacher lowered his grade from a 98 to 89 after skipping her classes and refusing her in December.

Olajire-Aro was arrested on December 19. She is facing charges of sexual battery of a student 16 or 17 years of age, and the criminal case against her is still pending. A negligence lawsuit against the Charleston County School District has also been filed by the student and his mother.

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