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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Black Economic Challenge — $20 a Month Can Solve the Problems in the Black Community

Terrance Amen, founder of 3ufirst

Terrance Amen, founder and CEO of 3ufirst.com

Nationwide — Terrance Amen, founder and CEO of 3ufirst.com, asks, “Does the Black community really want to solve its problems?” He continues, “We’re not working together enough to really solve the major problems in our community. We continue to wait for people outside our community to solve them, when we have the ability to solve our own problems.” Does he have a point? He says that if just half of our community (based on 50 million African Americans) donated just $20 a month, which would be $500 million a month, and $6 billion a year, we could solve our education problems.

Terrance says its very realistic, but rarely do we hear the Black media talking about what we can do for ourselves. The focus is more on what people outside our community should do for us, which is why the problems continue to persist. You hear this word diversity (still discriminated against when it comes to jobs) come up a lot. Terrance says, it’s 2017 and we’re still talking about diversity! If we donated just $20 a month for education, health, business investment, and other non-profit organizations that are solving the other problems in our community, we can solve a lot of the major problems in the community.

Terrance comments, “The leaders of the Black church have millions of members, yet have no united economic plan for our community. So the question to ask ourselves is, why aren’t we doing this? For one there aren’t a lot of people thinking like this. Another reason is the Black media doesn’t focus on interviewing and showcasing companies and organizations, who focus on solving the major problems in our community. More importantly, as a community, we aren’t focused on doing this.” Terrance says, when you spend a trillion dollars in every community but your own, what are you saying about whose community you value? We’ve been programmed to be individuals rather than a community.

“It takes a village to raise a child, but are we really practicing this? We see every day, the results of not doing this.” He continues, “It’s time to look in the mirror and ask ourselves, am I contributing to solving the major problems in my community or am I just thinking about myself and my family? Trust plays a role as well in why we don’t support each other, but what have we really lost to a company or organization that’s trying to help our community, by donating $10 – $20 a month? You will eventually see if that company or organization is serious about solving the problems in our community.”

Using the excuse that we don’t trust or know enough about the company or organization is not a good excuse, when we spend money on things that have little to no value and when we live in the information age, where you can check out any company or organization and get enough information to make an educated decision. Terrance says, a sign of insanity is doing the same thing, but expecting a different result. By doing nothing or very little, we’ll continue to get nothing or very little. But you will never be able to say there weren’t companies and organizations out there trying to solve the major problems in our community.

Terrence concludes, “As long as we continue to wait for people outside our community to solve our problems, we’ll continue to have them, so let’s solve our own problems.”

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Terrance Amen is founder and CEO of 3Ufirst FPC, created to end the major problems in the African American community, by bringing some of the trillion dollars we spend every year, outside our community, back to our community. Based on his book, Black Unity: The Total Solution to Financial Independence and Happiness. For more information, go to www.3ufirst.com.