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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Teen Arrested with 4 Stolen Vehicles Near his Home Denies Thefts, But Admits to Riding in Them!

Terrance Tarleton

Terrance Tarleton

Milwaukee, WI — Terrance Tarleton, a 19-year old teen who was allegedly involved in stealing cars, denies the allegations even though four cars were found just outside his home. He, however, admits that he rode in them and that he belongs to a group who competes with a rival group to know who is best at driving stolen cars and who can attract more girls.

“What kid wouldn’t want to drive in a newer car and be seen by girls,” Tarleton reportedly told a detective after being arrested on August 27. Tarleton also said that he is part of the “Hampton Boys” who compete with another group called “Professional Stoley Riders” over whose members are the best at driving stolen cars and attracting girls.

Tartelon’s fingerprint matched those found on the BMW X3 that was reported stolen in Whitefish Bay on August 20. Authorities also found tagged photos of him on Facebook along with five individuals and two cars, a Toyota RAV4 and a Honda CR-V, that had also been stolen.

Those three cars, as well as another Honda sedan that has been reported stolen from Milwaukee, have been found near Tarleton’s residence.

A search warrant at Tarleton’s home has been issued and there, authorities “recovered several items, including a Ruger 9mm handgun in the rafters in the basement, as well as ammunition, multiple cellphones, multiple car keys, and key fobs as well as multiple manuals for vehicles.”

Tarleton, who was taken into custody before the warrant was executed, admits to being on the Facebook photo and riding cars he knew was stolen. However, he denied stealing cars and stated that he “did not think he was doing anything wrong… he would just go through cars and search for money.”

Online court records show Tarleton has a separate open case filed in January. He is now in custody at the Racine County Sheriff’s Office on $5,000 bond. He is facing over 23 years in prison if he gets convicted of all charges.

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