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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thank You President Obama for Inviting Pretty Brown Girls to the Table

Pretty Brown Girl

Photo Credit: Creative Soul Photo

Nationwide — Sheri Crawley, Founder of the Pretty Brown Girl Foundation, was thrilled to hear the news yesterday from Valerie Jarrett, Sr. Advisor to President Obama, who announced that the White House Council of Women and Girls will now turn its focus to Girls of Color. This comes with great support from the 150 Pretty Brown Girl Clubs across the United States comprised of girls, parents, schools, universities and churches.

After the announcement earlier this year for My Brother’s Keeper, we were waiting for the opportunity to share our revolutionary platform that has touched thousands of girls across the globe,” says Crawley. The community based model The Pretty Brown Girl Club, that was launched in 2012 on International Pretty Brown Girl Day, is the first ever organization for girls of color to have a social platform to address, discuss and celebrate the topic of loving the skin they’re in. This commitment from the White House gives Pretty Brown Girl additional hope that lives will be changed; one girl at a time and reinforces their motto to “Empower a girl, Empower the world.”

Pretty Brown Girl also offers a K-12 After-School Program Curriculum with interactive engagement and learning activities. With the odds of suspension about six times greater for girls of color than whites, this 15-20 week, project-based, self-discovery program is much needed to help reduce school infractions and to improve academic achievement. Young ladies participating in the Pretty Brown Girl programs will be inspired to Dream Big and pledge to walk in their purpose.

Why Pretty Brown Girl? In a country where a full one-third of the population is African American, Native American, Asian, Pacific Islander, Hispanic or Latina, there is a serious under-representation of positive messages and images regarding women and girls of color. Girls today are receiving mixed messages from the media, their peers and countless other places. At a very early age, girls begin to shape their self- image and it is that image that they hold on to throughout their lives. Pretty Brown Girl seeks to empower girls of color from kindergarten to collegiate campuses including Spelman College and the University of Michigan. “The girls are embracing their uniqueness, conquering their fears, learning to love themselves and their peers and learning what it takes to be a change agent,” says Deana McClain, a PBG Club Leader in Louisiana.

To learn more about Pretty Brown Girl’s programs and events or to become a Corporate Sponsor, visit www.prettybrowngirl.com

Sheri Crawley

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