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Monday, August 4, 2014

The Annual International Locks Conference Asks, “Where is Nu Ms. Natural Sista?”

— The Nu Ms. Natural Sista Challenge, to take place at the 2014 Annual International Locks Conference in Philadelphia, aims to uplift and restore Black women (Aboriginal Indigenous, African American, and Africans of the Diaspora) back on their majestic thrones where they historically belong. —

Nu Ms Natural Sista Challenge

Philadelphia, PA — Move over Ms. Caribbean, Ms. World, Ms. America and Ms. Universe… Nu Ms. Natural Sistas are about to step up front and center. The Kuumba Family Organizing Committee believes that Black women are the original women, queens of the planet earth, and true mothers of civilization. They are beautiful, regal, wise, and need to be treasured and celebrated.

Unfortunately, the western standard of beauty has been imported globally and promoted fiercely through electronic media, print ads, and school courses, and sadly accepted as the marching baton for what is considered beautiful, professional, and desirable. Further, beauty pageants have objectified women and have aided in the distorted view of what true beauty is. The result of shameless often insulting and negative images and connotations linked to Black women has led to many women and young girls bleaching their skin, changing the texture and color of their hair, and wearing clothes that defy modest and good taste, thus damaging their self-concept and creating low to no self-esteem. This needs to stop! The days of accepting being treated in part like Sarah Baartman (given the name Hottentot Venus) a South African woman sold into slavery during the early 19th century, or being portrayed as out-of-shape mammies, prostitutes, undesirable, unintelligent, loud, not worthy of praise, and/or something less than royalty are over.

The Kuumba Family Organizing Committee is determined to dig deeper and work to combat the overwhelming negativity toward and about Black women in general. The goal of the Nu Ms. Natural Sista Challenge is to help uplift and restore the Black women (Aboriginal Indigenous, African American, Africans of the Diaspora) back on their majestic thrones where they historically belong. The Nu Ms. Natural Sista challenge looks at the outer and inner beauty and highlights positive connections to the community and how the African worldview and a different / non-western standard of beauty can be viewed and admired.

Women who are Aboriginal Indigenous, African American, and Africans of the Diaspora and are interested in participating are asked to download an application and follow the instructions at the website www.LocksConference.com before September 5, 2014. Everyone is invited to come out and celebrate as the Nu Ms. Natural Sista(s) emerges at the Annual International Locks Conference: Natural Hair, Wholistic Health and Beauty Expo, Sunday, October 5, 2014, at 7:30PM at the Imhotep Institute Charter High School.

For more information, call 215-438-8189 or go to www.LocksConference.com.

“Natural hair is more than a hairstyle; It’s a lifestyle.”

MaMa Akosua Ali.Sabree at 215-438-8189
Sakinah Ali.Sabree at 267-259-8400

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