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Thursday, July 17, 2014

“The Supreme Human Being” — This Story Contains the Hidden Truth of the Real Life Mayweather Murder Case

Supreme Human Being


Detroit, MI — Available now on Amazon.com and iTunes is as a new science fiction/suspense book that is filled with turns, flips and twisted outcomes. The Supreme Human Being by African American author Isaiah Mayweather gives insight of the first man who ever existed. He created himself from the raw intelligence of the darkness of space. In order to accomplish such a task, he took eons of time. Sex is more than a sensual physical ‘thing’; Sex can be contributed to leaving a legacy with the proper mindset. Although with poor structure sex became the new way to manufacture human life. The only problem was that sex took out most of the moral nutrients in human beings the way a microwave oven burns the nutrients in the food it processes.

The creation of this book was to serve two purposes. The first is to express the powers of the human mind and the connection to the universe. The other purpose is to attract the reader inside the author’s real life illegitimate incarceration. The two main characters in the story are Isaiah Mayweather himself and Alecia Jingles. Alecia’s relevance to the story is that she is the exact opposite of Isaiah. Isaiah’s role is to perfect the world while Alecia’s role is to destroy what’s left of it. However, when these two connect in a sexual way, a certain energy is generated that causes the atmosphere of the earth to change, which in turn, effects the thinking of the earth’s population.

The fact that the book is laced with universal principles of success breathes life within these works. The reader then can see in active motion as the characters develop and you will understand these are principles that people can learn about and apply in their daily lives. The characters, plot and dialog will draw you in through reason of The Supreme Human Being.

About The Book:
The Supreme Human Being
By Isaiah Mayweather
203 Pages
Available on Amazon.com and iTunes

For more information or for media inquiries, contact send an email to supremehumanbeingbook@gmail.com

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