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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Therapist Dr. Ajita Robinson Releases New Book, “The Gift of Grief: A Practical Guide on Grief and Loss”

Dr. Ajita Robinson

Bethesda, MD — Dr. Ajita Robinson has launched her latest book, The Gift of Grief: A Practical Guide on Grief and Loss, on Amazon and at AjitaRobinson.com/book to address the understanding and processing of grief for the modern, everyday person. It has already quickly become an Amazon bestseller in 2 categories.

Dr. Ajita who is known as “The Experts’ Therapist” is a grief & trauma therapist, author, international speaker, and income strategist. She aims to demystify the grief and bereavement journey and guide readers through a variety of emotions and experiences. Her book provides a foundational understanding of your own grief experiences and a foundation for working with grieving individuals.

In a hyper-charged climate where death, personal loss, feelings of loneliness, and rapid change is becoming more of the norm, Dr. Ajita thought it useful to remind the public of how grief shows up on a daily basis. “This book is not written just for clinicians,” says Dr. Ajita. “It’s a book that the common person can read and put into action from parenting through grief all the way to divorce and losing a loved one.”

The Gift of Grief aims to assist readers with finding the good in the seemingly bad so that they can take control of their quality of life, with support from a licensed therapist. Dr. Ajita’s expertise and consistent approach to sharing complex ideas make this book a page-turner.

In addition to the book’s launch, The Gift of Grief has landed five university partnerships placing the book as a first or secondary text for future clinicians. The book is a tool to help the next generation of clinicians prepare to service clients navigate the impact of loss, which is typically learned in the field and not in the classroom.


About Dr. Ajita Robinson
Dr. Ajita Robinson is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Trauma and Grief Expert, first-generation trauma, and poverty disruptor. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Friends in Transition Counseling Services, a trauma-centered mental health practice located in Bethesda, MD. She is also the CEO of Legacy Wellness Group, a conglomerate of enterprises dedicated to promoting generational wealth, education, and healing. Dr. Ajita invites you to connect with her via her online home at AjitaRobinson.com, and in return, she is offering additional resources and tools to accompany your journey with The Gift of Grief book.


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