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Thursday, October 25, 2018

“Therapy” Original Soundtrack Featuring New Artist, Barachi, Could Win a Grammy Award For “Best R&B Album of the Year”

Album producer Lindsay Guion is best known for his work with D’Angelo and Ginuwine


R&B artist Barachi

Nationwide — Barachi represents the point in the horizon where the future soul kisses the past. The singer/songwriter/actor/entrepreneur brings the sweet sincerity of classic soul to the swag-branded strains of today’s techno-pop. It’s a global sound, sun-kissed in Miami, incubated in L.A. and polished to perfection in the skies between.

Deliciously conflicted, Barachi presents himself as a hopeless romantic trapped in the chiseled young body of a driven, multi-faceted and highly successful brother in possession of the means and desires to play – a player in every sense: musically, financially and sexually. This cooks up into quite a quandary. Thus, the soundtrack to our Valentino’s sensual short film: Therapy.

Therapy unfolds in a dream state haze, weaving a story of lovers caught up in the spell of passion and desire that soon dissolves into obsession, an ultimatum…and consequences. The heat is palpable. From “Honey Love” which drips with warm keyboard chords and percussive palpitations to the more innocent, back-in-the-day love letter “Tell Me” in which Doo Wop intersects where the Bass drops.

The bliss of new love scents the air with the heartbeat pulse of “Yours” which contains some of Barachi’s most revealing lyrical turns of phrase: “No, don’t be afraid / I’ll shelter you from the rain / Yeah, sometimes you a pain / You so crazy but I’ll keep you sane…” “U Got Me” elongates this scenario of ardor before the listener drops down into the deep space sonata “Me+U” on which ecstasy renders our lovers gravity-free…floating weightless in each-others’ fervent embrace. “Don’t Leave” is the demand that pleads for such a love to never ever end. Then there is “Important,” the song which carries the most introspective message of Therapy… a gentle yet urgent reminder that tomorrow is not promised so live and love every day as if it might be the last. Featuring the lovely guitar of Isaiah Sharkey (D’Angelo, John Mayer), it’s the song of his dynamic debut that most hints at timeless masterpieces Barachi promises to compose well into the future.

Producer/multi-instrumentalist Barachi (a GMUSIC GROUP artist – globally represented by Lindsay Guion), along with his collaborators High Volume and Exly Onthebeat, have woven a sound that is warm, wonton and clutter-free – a plush aural environment that invites the listener to plunge in again and again, Meanwhile, the visuals – shot in high definition in lush locales filled with lovely ladies – provide a contemporary story that brings it all to life. This is just the beginning of the 360-degree experience that is Barachi.

Learn more about Barachi at www.barachi.com or follow him on Instagram at @barachimusic


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