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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Three Cousins, All Pregnant With Twins, to Give Birth Simultaneously in October

Three cousins pregnant with twins same time

Nationwide — Melody Stubbs, Courtney Harper, and Janeshia Wilson, cousins from Bolton, Mississippi, were pleasantly surprised when they found out that they were all pregnant at the same time and are all expecting to give birth to twins in October.

The three women, whose fathers are brothers, didn’t plan the simultaneous pregnancy. In fact, they didn’t even know that the others were pregnant until they posted about it on social media.

“I think Neshia [Janeshia] posted first, and I saw her post, and I posted mine about a week or two later,” Harper told WLBT-TV. “She called me and said you’re pregnant, you’re having twins?!”

When they found out through social media that Stubbs was also pregnant, they immediately created a group chat to share their experiences during pregnancy with each other. They eventually found out they go to the same doctor and started attending women’s health events together.

Melody is expected to give birth first on October 3 to a boy and a girl, who will be named Legend and Truth. On October 5, Courtney is expecting a boy and a girl, who will be named Hendrix and Houstyn. Janeshia is expecting 2 boys, who will be named Karsen and Kasen, on October 11.

“It’s kinda mind-blowing,” Harper said. “The first question that people ask is whether twins run in our family, but no one close to us has twins. We kinda just started a generation of twins out of nowhere.”

More than that, the three moms-to-be share an even deeper connection as they are all having rainbow babies, which is a term used for babies born after a miscarriage.

The three, along with their husbands and boyfriends, are all excited about their pregnancy. But there are times that they get scared and they are glad that they have each other throughout their journey.

“A lot of things go through our heads daily, like being a perfect mom, knowing that we’re not gonna be perfect, but the pro of it is that we get to experience this together,” Wilson said.

“I’m not afraid anymore because I’m not alone,” Stubbs smiled.

“It’s an amazing feeling,” Harper added.