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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Three People Charged in Family Fight at Disneyland That Was Caught on Video

Family members fighting at Disneyland

The Robinson family caught on video fighting at Disneyland

Los Angeles, CA — Avery Robinson, a 35-year old man from Los Angeles, has been arrested on several felony and misdemeanor charges after being identified on video as one of the family members engaged in a brutal fistfight that happened at Disneyland in California earlier this month. His sister and brother-in-law have also been charged in connection to the incident.

Police were called to Disneyland on July 6 after a violent brawl between family members happened in front of Goofy’s Playhouse in Toontown. When the police arrived, the physical fight was already over and they weren’t able to make any arrests at that time. A few days later, a video of the incident surfaced online and police have since launched an investigation.

In the video, at least four people are seen having a verbal confrontation that escalated into a physical fight while children are heard crying in the background.

According to prosecutors, Robinson attacked his 40-year old sister Andrea Nicole Robinson after she spat at him during an argument. He also attacked his sister’s husband, Daman Petrie, and his girlfriend. He is also accused of threatening to kill his sister and brother-in-law and tried to hit a Disneyland employee with his car when they were escorted out.

Avery Robinson, who was arrested last week, is facing felony charges of corporal injury on a spouse, assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury, assault with a deadly weapon and two counts of criminal threats. He is also charged with five counts of misdemeanor battery and four counts of child abuse and endangerment. He was held without bail and faces a maximum sentence of seven years and four months in state prison if convicted.

Andrea Robinson was charged with four misdemeanor counts of battery and a misdemeanor count of assault for her involvement in the fight where he attacked his brother, his girlfriend, and a Disneyland employee. She faces a maximum of two and a half years in jail if convicted.

Petrie could also spend six months in jail if convicted of the misdemeanor charge for punching Avery Robinson’s girlfriend in the face. Petrie and Andrea Robinson have yet to be arrested.

Meanwhile, people who saw the video on social media criticized Disneyland’s response saying it was too slow and others questioned the overall safety inside the premises.

Disneyland officials claimed their security staff made a proper response to the incident and the individuals who were part of the fight were removed from the park.

“Any type of violence is inexcusable and will not be tolerated,” Disneyland spokeswoman Liz Jaeger said at the time. “Disneyland Resort security responded appropriately within minutes and immediately called the Anaheim Police Department for assistance.”