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Friday, September 18, 2020

How this Black Female Tech Entrepreneur Makes Launching a Beauty Brand 10x Easier

There’s a surge in women launching beauty brands online. The market is more competitive every day and the demand for excellence is high. PreMade Babe can help businesses launch in a powerful, affordable way.

Tiffani Alvaran, founder of Premade Babe

Nationwide — For businesses to thrive new requirements being met or exceeded is very much necessary. Experts and insiders agree, having a professional web presence is more important now than ever due to the pandemic and everyone shopping online. A trend that is certain to continue and grow. We aren’t surprised to see many of the new beauty industry businesses are being led by Black women. Anyone who understands Black history and culture knows that not only do Black women not play around when it comes to their hair and melanated skin, but they have been the foremost trendsetters in the American beauty industry since its birth.

Now with a clear spike in Black-owned beauty entrepreneurs starting their businesses to help cater to the needs of Black and brown women, a passionate professional tech firm is emerging to help. Brand developer and web designer Tiffani Alvaran, owner of PreMade Babe, has been on the scene with ready to launch websites and ready to post graphics that have been helping business owners get their business up and running in a quick and affordable way.

“Let’s face it,” commented Alvaran. “Traditional stock photo sites do not depict modernized photos of trendy women of color. Authentic representation is crucial when it comes to capturing the eyes of the correct target audience and to make potential shoppers want to spend their money with your business. With the ready to launch websites developed by PreMade Babe these startups don’t have to worry about breaking the piggie bank by hiring a photographer, models, MUAs, hairstylists or renting studio time because we have already done it for them. We strategically design our products with our clients and their customers in mind. For the past 4 years, I have been helping businesses become profitable using our products and seeing them grow has given PreMade Babe a true purpose.”

As a successful, energetic brand developer that has worked with some of the top brands in the black beauty industry that has large followings and larger budgets, Alvaran wanted to develop a product for new and growing entrepreneurs that would help them save in multiple ways starting from the planning of the photoshoot to the development of the new business’s website.

According to PreMade Babe, another benefit of using the service is the speed they have quality websites up and ready in. The service can have a website up in as little as one day to five business days as compared to weeks to months to years, or maybe never even launching which unfortunately are com-mon results of those not working with PreMadeBabe.

Many have called, Tiffani, and PreMade Babe, “Beauty brands best-kept secret”, for the results delivered. Remarkably, she has helped over 100 businesses launch and grow their business since the COVID-19 pandemic started. PreMade Babe prides itself on helping create jobs in the black community while opening the door to the creation of true generational wealth.

If you want to become the next big beauty influencer or start your own beauty brand be sure to visit PreMadeBabe.com and get social with the founder on Instagram @BossBabeBranding.

For press inquiries, contact Tiffani Alvaran at Hello@premadebabe.com or 678-775-8956.