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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Single Mom Who Almost Died From COVID-19 Says She Quarantined Herself Away From Her Kids

Tiffany Pinckney, mom who almost died from COVID-19, with her sons

New York, NY — Tiffany Pinckney, a 39-year old single mother from NYC, was worried when she realized that she had been infected with coronavirus. She says she immediately quarantined herself at home separate from her two sons, who are ages 9 and 16, before she had to be taken to the hospital when her condition worsened.

She remembers when she first felt sick in early March. She said she first had a fever and chills. She then experienced shortness of breath which caused chest pains.

When she recovered, the hospital contacted her to check on her and asked if she would consider donating her blood for an experimental treatment that doctors said could help save lives.

Pinckney is one of the first coronavirus survivors to donate “convalescent plasma” that could potentially reduce the severity of the illness, according to doctors.

“There’s a tremendous call to action,” Dr. David Reich, president of Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, told the Associated Press. “People feel very helpless in the face of this disease, and this is one thing [they] can do to help their fellow human beings.”

While the practice has yet been proven, Pinckney is glad that she was able to extend her help to other patients.

“It is definitely overwhelming to know that in my blood, there may be answers,” Pinckney said.