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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Black-Owned Credit Card App Owner Announces 7 Ways to Help You Build Wealth and Give Back

Timothy Griggs, creator of TGS credit card app

Nationwide — Timothy Griggs, with over 20 years in the mortgage industry has launched a mobile app to empower home buyers to improve their chances for qualifying for a mortgage, auto loan, or business financing.

Griggs has seen many families miss mortgage eligibility by one transaction during his 20+ years in the mortgage finance industry. Seeing family after family barely miss the mark, he was inspired to develop this credit card app.

The credit card app Good Steward Financial System empowers the user to plan for success in the following 7 ways:

1. Month Free Trial: A great way to save money while getting your finances in order.

2. Identify Theft Restoration Service: With the uptick in hacking worldwide having protection for your identity is not optional, it is a necessity. Not only can you get alerts with this app but you can also get the Equifax Identity Restoration program that will monitor your credit and take action if you needed?

3. Get Your Credit Report Monthly From All Three Credit Bureaus: App users can get a report monthly so that they can monitor the changes in their credit month by month so that they can see what is and is not working to repair their credit. Starter and professional subscribers are updated weekly. Premium level monitors all 3 bureaus weekly.

4. Debt to Income Calculator (DTI): This is a valuable tool to determine if you are in the ideal range for mortgage financing. Ideally, your Debt to Income ratio or DTI should be no higher than 45-50 percent. You can use this tool to help you plan your next big purchase. This calculator uses Annual Gross Income.

5. Charitable Donations Module: This allows you to suggest what charities can be included on the Good Steward Financial System platform for donations.

6. Credit Card Comparison Tool so that you can get the best credit card deal with the best interest rate and best cashback bonuses and perks.

7. Credit Card Expense Tracking: Staying organized is the key to financial success. Keeping an accurate track of your income and expenses and maintaining your expenses lower than your income is the key to financial prosperity.

To download this credit card app for any type of smartphone, please visit TGSisTheGoodSteward.com

About the founder

Founder and CEO Timothy Griggs is an experienced real estate investor of over 20+ years and mortgage broker that started Griggs Mutual Realty & Management over 8 years ago. He is a real estate mogul and visionary behind The Good Steward Financial System.

For press inquiries, contact Timothy Griggs at tgriggs@TGSfinsys.com or (951) 751-8376.