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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Planning a Much-Needed Getaway Trip With Your Girlfriends — 3 Tips to Get Things Started

By Connie Portis, Founder of Sisters & Friends Martha’s Vineyard Getaway

Sister Friends Getaway

Women who put themselves at the top of the list for a wonderful sisters and friends getaway.

Nationwide — What better time than now to say “this year, I am going to put myself at the top of the list and travel with Sisters & Friends on a relaxing and fun vacation.” During the annual Martha’s Vineyard Getaway, women from around the country make that decision – from California to Michigan to Florida and many states in between – women travel to reconnect, relax and recharge in a wonderful, inviting ‘no drama’ setting.

In 2015, over 100 women ended the week with new connections, an appreciation for gathering with like-minded African American women from different backgrounds, and a check off their bucket list to visit Martha’s Vineyard. There are two separate weeks to select from this year, September 11-18 or 18-24.

There are many details to enhance a girlfriends’ getaway. It is best not to leave anything to chance so you can be ready for the surprises you will have to handle. Here are three tips to assist with planning a wonderful event:

#1 – Define the getaway purpose: Getaways can range from all fun, health and fitness, personal and professional development, spiritual retreat and many more. It is important for marketing to have a focus that will energize the planner and prospective guests. Will you reach out to the public? Is it for a select group, a family, club or organization? Before you put the word out know your purpose so when sharing, others it will be clear if they are included in the invitation to join in.

#2 – Decide where to go… and what you will do when you get there: If its a no-agenda gathering where lazy days, at-will meals and venturing out is left up to each person; research the destination and provide information on activities one can do alone. If your getaway is activity driven, offer a written schedule of workshops, tours, and other group activities. Sisters & Friends Getaway to Martha’s Vineyard offers a non-binding agenda of activities in additional to support for do-nothing guests who want to sit, relax and enjoy the surroundings.

#3 – Start planning now: A getaway is an event and proper planning important. In your marketing material, identify your target audience, show photos and suggest who might be interested. If planning activities set perimeters, secure speakers and space well in advance. Take note of the Sisters & Friends Getaway form for more information before sending out specific information. It helps to know who is requesting getaway details.


Make your event special! Sisters and Friends Getaway includes early morning spiritual dips in the ocean, workshops, sightseeing tours, nights laughing, playing games, solving the world’s problems, and enjoying meals and beverages. Visit www.sistersandfriends.com for more information. The best features include making cross-country connections, it’s affordable, and choosing what to do and when to do it. Sistersfriends come with no drama attitudes and enjoy a peaceful, relaxing getaway.

For more details and/or to plan a getaway with your girlfriends to Martha’s Vineyard, visit www.sistersandfriends.com for more information or call (412) 391-8208.


Sisters & Friends
(412) 391-8208

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