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Monday, May 6, 2024

Black Family-Owned Production Studio Launches Historic Partnership With Ebony Magazine to Produce Video Segments

Chris and McKenzy Bowers

Nationwide — Chris and McKenzy Bowers, the founders of Tivid TV Studios, a Black-owned all-inclusive production enterprise, have embarked on a pivotal partnership with EBONY Magazine, a leading voice in celebrating the diversity and richness of Black culture. This collaboration suggests a cornerstone of the “Moving Black Forward” initiative that promotes Black wealth, excellence, and endurance. It focuses on economically empowering African Americans who are historically underrepresented toward forward thinking and generational shifts of positive change.

The collaboration with the Black production studio extends beyond mere business transactions to embody motivation and resilience. It challenges the existing norms and paves the way for future Black leaders in the digital landscape. This strategic alliance envisions significant socio-economic transformations by inspiring the pursuit of greatness and economic independence.

Chris and McKenzy shared their vision: “Working alongside executives from EBONY is more than an honor; it’s a transformative milestone for our mission to reshape community narratives strategically. This alliance allows us to stand proudly as today’s Black innovators, showcasing the hard work and perseverance captured through our thought processes and productions. It sparks inspiration among a new generation of creators and sets a new standard for excellence in Black-owned enterprises for the future.”

Together with EBONY, Tivid TV Studios has set the stage for a redefined media landscape by fostering an environment that celebrates and showcases Black excellence.

For additional details about Tivid TV Studios, please visit TividTVstudios.com

Located just 3 miles south of Full Sail University, Tivid TV Studios is a premier production facility known for its innovative and cost-effective prefabricated movie sets, including Florida’s first Private Jet set, a Practical Casino Set, and a Bank Vault.

Tivid TV supports artists, filmmakers, and content creators with its flagship platform, offering a 100% royalty-based self-distribution model on Google Play, Apple Store, and Roku TV. Garnering attention from major media outlets like Fox News, the Business Journal, and Black Enterprise Magazine, Tivid TV has also been honored with a Silver Stevie® Award at the 2023 American Business Awards®.

For press inquiries, contact Tivid Technologies, Inc. at (407) 203-4772 or info@tividtv.com