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Thursday, July 10, 2014

30 Day Challenge Brings New Hope To Single Women Looking For Love — New 5-Part Audio Series Available For Download

— Approximately 65% of all African American women over the age of 25 in the United States are single — but many want to be in a loving and well matched marriage. Author and motivational speaker Toni King presents women with a 30 day challenge to connect and fall in love — without settling for less! —

30 Day Challenge For Single Women

5-part audio series and calendar

Nationwide — While committing to marriage is something that should be approached with patience and care, far too many intelligent, accomplished, and savvy African American women cannot find the compatibility they desire — and deserve. So much so that approximately 65% of African American women over the age of 25 are single and looking for a well matched marriage.

Author and motivational speaker Toni King, comments, “Generally speaking, marriage has declined across all ethnicities — but African American women bear the brunt of the current marriage crisis.”

It is for this reason that King has created a 30 day challenge for women that is shared in her new 5-part audio series and calendar called The 30 Day Challenge to Connect and Fall in Love with the Man of Your Dreams. “Many women want to be in love, but few realize that being in love — has already been provided,” Toni stresses. “Women tell me after they take the 30 Day Challenge: ‘You nailed it! My knower has finally been turned on and I feel special!’” The challenge is based upon Solomon’s Song of Songs.

Originally King shared her 30 Day Challenge exclusively in her live seminars – but due to its increasing popularity has complied her techniques and lesson plan into a Series and Love calendar that can be accessed by women around the nation through Amazon.com and the website, www.30days2love.com.

King’s goal is to inspire all women, particularly women of color. By inspiring women to approach love in a whole new way — and to positively engage in ways to open the door of activation and expectation. The 30 Day Challenge system is already positively impacting the family structure within the African American community. King was quoted as saying, “What most women do not realized is that there are things that she has within her own power to change her final outcome and I take her to the place she didn’t know she had. No woman has to accept those statistics; there is so much more that awaits her that will change her outcome if she will be courageous.”

The 30 Day Challenge includes 5 sessions that women must complete before beginning the 30 day calendar and are encourage not to cheat themselves by looking ahead. The teaching sessions positions and frees the heart, mind and body for spiritual intimacy and natural love. Then the 30 day calendar will lead each participant on her own individual love journey; a recipe for a relationship that endures. The series provides emotional renewal and helps strengthen women in ways not previously offered by other forms of entertainment or ministry.

“It simply works,” stated Marybeth a 30 Day Challenge user.

Although King cites there is no panacea for the “marriage crisis problem,” the 30 Day Challenge is an interactive system that individually aids and supports women with the removal of emotional baggage and fears that too often block the path to well matched intimacy and love.

About The Author
Toni King has played a major role in the advancement of inner healing through the “Body of Christ” for women. She is the founder and director of Healing Fire Ministries LLC and her Ministerial credentials extend more than 25 years. She has managed radio stations with a major focus on community and family and has functioned in many capacities including: pastor, evangelist, counselor and conference speaker.

About The Audio Series and Calendar:
The 30 Day Challenge to Connect and Fall in Love with the Man of Your Dreams
By Toni King
Sale Price: $29.99
Available on www.Amazon.com (as a hard copy audio CD) and www.30days2love.com (as a downloadable MP4 file)

Marie King
taraking79@aol.com or info@30days2love.com
(205) 586-2349

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