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Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Meet the Black Entrepreneur Who Has Generated $10M For Coaches, Course Creators & Business Owners

Tony Smith

Nationwide — Tony Smith known as @TunedinTony is the visionary force behind Bizlaunch.io, a creative marketing agency for online business coaches and entrepreneurs. Using sales funnels, he has generated an astonishing $10 million in revenue for coaches, course creators, and business owners so far throughout 2023.

Tony is redefining the landscape of digital entrepreneurship by revolutionizing how business coaches thrive in online product sales. If you’re an entrepreneur striving to amplify your digital products, webinars, and courses, Tony is your ultimate destination – the #1 sales funnel builder on Clickfunnels and Go High-Level platforms.

In the competitive realm of online entrepreneurship, Tony emerges as a trailblazer for finding massive success for clients in the coaching industry. His expertise is crafting custom- made sales funnels that skyrocket entrepreneurs’ revenue.

His top clients such as David Shands of the Social Proof Podcast, William Rivera of Ecom Degree University, David Omari of YT Academy, and many others have create massive impact in the black community from podcast, to huge events like Invest Fest hosted by Earn Your Leisure.

Yet, Tony’s journey is far from ordinary – it’s a testament to entrepreneurial resilience, determination, and the power of transformation. His path took an unforeseen turn when he maneuvered through the challenges of a failing e-commerce venture. Although his e-commerce brand had soared close to the 7-figure benchmark, boasting a remarkable $942,000 in revenue, the harsh reality operating a business with high expenses shut him down.

Unstopped by this adversity, Tony made a huge pivot from ecom to digital coaching. Today, he guides his clients towards annual and even monthly 7-figure profits just like he did with client Carter Cofield, who generated $1 million in 30 days doing an online challenge in his sales funnel.

His mission vibrates beyond the realms of financial gains. His true genuine aspiration is to empower the Black community within entrepreneurship. By dismantling wealth barriers and fostering opportunities for entrepreneurs of color to thrive online, Tony’s impact transcends commerce – a movement toward empowerment and equity.

Are you a business owner, coach, or someone starting to create courses? Tony wants you to be part of his mission. He aims to help five more people before the month ends. Start your journey with the Sales Funnel Blueprint by visit FunnelHackerWorkshop.com

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