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Sunday, December 8, 2019

Wellness Expert Teaching Black Women How to Re-Energize, RePurpose and ReTool in 10 Days

Chief Transformation Officer, Tonya Kinlow, shares methodology for personal transformation.

Tonya Kinlow, author of The 10 Days

Tonya Kinlow and her bookcover

Nationwide — Feeling overwhelmed about entering a new decade? Not sure where and how to shift your energy to ensure success, happiness and peace? Don’t stress… as we all prepare to end a decade, and begin a new one, you can be poised to refocus, retool and re-energize your purpose and your plans. Tonya Kinlow has developed a methodology for managing the remaining days of this decade while being fearless about embracing the next.

Tonya Kinlow is a Wellness Lifestyle Entrepreneur, A Woman in Technology, a Certified Health & Wellness Coach, a Blogger, and an Author. Her three books, A Year of (ME) Mindful Eating to Improve Wellbeing, The 10 Days: A Wellness Retreat for Personal Transformation and A Wellness Journey are all dedicated to health and wellness through mindful living. She writes a weekly blog, Mindfulness Matters, raising awareness for living a holistically healthy life.

An avid foodie and mindfulness enthusiast, Tonya left Corporate America in 2016 to launch the UGottaEat app, creating a virtual marketplace providing much needed fresh and healthy meals into local communities, and a platform for food sharing. UGottaEat is dedicated to improving the overall health and wellness of society. She also launched TK Inspirations offering Remarkable Wellness Transformation Coaching, group Wellness Journeys and inspirational meditations talks based on discovering wellness through purpose and teaches how we together can improve the overall health and wellness of our world.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Tonya was a Finance Executive with a corporate career spanning over 26 years. A crippling car accident involving her children led to the awakening of her spiritual journey. She takes great pride in being from Washington, DC and a graduate of Florida A&M University.

Today, Tonya shares her methodology in helping people find their purpose, hone their focus and live a fulfilled life.

On December 14th, for one day only, Tonya Kinlow, will discuss her methodology at a book signing event in Newark, NJ at The Source of Knowledge bookstore. She will introduce her 7 Areas of Intention and The 10 Days: A Wellness Retreat for Personal Transformation.

In 2020, Tonya will take her teachings and methodologies on the road in what she describes as The Remarkable Wellness Circle Tour (RWCT). The RWCT is intended as an intimate and purpose-driven connection designed to transform lives. Participants will experience Tonya’s presentation of the Remarkable Wellness Ideal, 7 areas of intention to living a fulfilled life based on happiness, wellness and purpose, and learn how to begin operating in life with more clarity, focus and deliberation.

Dates and locations will be announced in January 2020, stay connected here.


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