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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Top 10 African American Scholarships For January 2018 and Black History Month

Nationwide — Every year, millions of dollars are given away to help students pay for college tuition, books and more. Many of these programs are specifically for Black and other minority students.

Here’s a list of the top scholarships available:

#1 – Tom Joyner Foundation “Full Ride” Scholarship: awards a full scholarship to one student to attend a Historically Black College and University (HBCU). The scholarship is open to graduating high school seniors with high academic records. Learn more at www.scholarshipsonline.org/2013/12/tom-joyner-foundation-full-ride.html

#2 – Ron Brown Scholar Program for African American Students: provides scholarship awards to African-American high school seniors who are excelling in their academics, exhibiting exceptional leadership potential, and actively serving in community service activities. Learn more at www.scholarshipsonline.org/2012/04/ron-brown-scholar-program.html

#3 – Microsoft Tuition and Diversity Conference Scholarships For Minorities: awards tuition scholarships and diversity conference scholarships each year to encourage minority students to pursue studies in Computer Science and related STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) disciplines. Learn more at www.scholarshipsonline.org/2012/09/microsoft-scholarships.html

#4 – National Black Law Student Association (NBLSA) Scholarships: provides four scholarships each year to African-American students currently in law school. Each scholarship requires a membership in the organization. Learn more at www.scholarshipsonline.org/2013/02/nblsa-national-black-law-student-association-scholarships.html

#5 – Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship: for minority high school students in the United States. In addition to a financial grant, the foundation also provides its scholars with mentoring and leadership development opportunities, and internships. Learn more at www.scholarshipsonline.org/2012/03/jackie-robinson-foundation-scholarship.html

#6 – NANBPWC Scholarships For African American Females: offers four different scholarships for outstanding females of African American descent. Each scholarship is merit based and requires completion of an essay. Learn more at www.scholarshipsonline.org/2017/02/nanbpwc-scholarships-for-african-american-females.html

#7 – Blacks at Microsoft (BAM) African American Heritage Scholarships: are offered to outstanding black high-school seniors who are interested in pursuing careers in technology. High-school seniors of African descent may apply (for example, African American, Caribbean, African, etc). Learn more at www.scholarshipsonline.org/2015/04/blacks-at-microsoft-bam-scholarships.html

#8 – 100 Black Men of America Future Leader Scholarship Program: open to high school seniors as well as college freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors. The scholarship is based on academic achievement and community service. Learn more at www.scholarshipsonline.org/2013/12/100-black-men-of-america-future-leader.html

#9 – National Association of Black Journalists Scholarships: awards a full scholarship to one student to attend a Historically Black College and University (HBCU). The scholarship is open to graduating high school seniors with high academic records. Learn more at http://www.scholarshipsonline.org/2014/05/nabj-national-association-black-journalists-scholarships.html

#10 – Jerry Malloy Negro Baseball League Scholarship: open to high school seniors who plan to attend college and work towards a college degree. Two scholarships will be awarded to the students who write the most compelling essay on a topic pertaining to Negro League baseball. Learn more at /www.scholarshipsonline.org/2013/12/sabr-jerry-malloy-negro-baseball-league-scholarship.html

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