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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Top 11 Black-to-School Scholarships For African American Students in 2018/ 2019

African American students at graduation

Nationwide — Back to school season is here, and thousands of high school graduates will be starting college this fall. All students typically need some form of financial aid, but African American students have always had more of a need especially when they are coming from low income and unprileged areas.

Here are the top scholarships programs for African American students to apply during the 2018/2019 school year:

#1 – Little Miss African American Scholarship Pageant: Founded in 1993 by Lisa Ruffin, this proram is based on the idea that young people must begin with a strong foundation. They believe that each of our girls possesses the promise of unlimited possibilities. Learn more at www.scholarshipsonline.org/2018/06/little-miss-african-american-scholarship-pageant.html

#2 – Derrick Rose Scholars Program: Passionate about embodying a legacy that will empower the next generation to pursue greatness; NBA star Derrick Rose has launched a scholarship program called the Rose Scholars. The program is open to high school sophomore, junior + senior students who are civically minded and have an instinct to lead. Learn more at www.scholarshipsonline.org/2018/08/derrick-rose-scholars-program.html

#3 – Beyonce’s Homecoming Scholars Award Program: Beyoncé, through her BeyGOOD initiative, has established the Homecoming Scholars Award Program for students attending Xavier University, Wilberforce University, Tuskegee University and Bethune-Cookman University – all Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Learn more at www.scholarshipsonline.org/2018/04/beyonce-homecoming-scholars-award.html

#4 – National Hook-up of Black Women Scholarships: National Hook-up of Black Women (NHBW) Scholarships are available to graduating high school seniors who plan to enroll in an accredited college or university in the fall after graduation. Two different scholarships are available. Learn more at www.scholarshipsonline.org/2017/02/national-hook-up-of-black-women-scholarships.html

#5 – The Bill Gates Scholarship For Minorities: a full tuition scholarship awarded to exceptional high school seniors planning to attend college full time. Applicants must be minorities, including African-American, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian & Pacific Islander American, and/or Hispanic American. Learn more at www.scholarshipsonline.org/2017/09/the-gates-scholarship.html

#6 – United Negro College Fund/ Michael Jackson Scholarship: The Michael Jackson scholarship provides financial assistance to communication arts and social science students attending a UNCF college/university during the current academic year. Candidates must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. Learn more at www.scholarshipsonline.org/2015/05/michael-jackson-uncf-scholarship.html

#7 – Costco Scholarship Fund For Minority Students: Costco Scholarship Fund is open to underrepresented minority students who are planning to attend either the University of Washington or Seattle University. The fund was established to provide qualified minority students access to education benefits. Scholarship awards are based on financial need. Learn more at www.scholarshipsonline.org/2014/10/costco-scholarship-fund.html

#8 – Coca-Cola Scholars Program: a very competitive program for high school seniors throughout the United States. Sponsored by The Coca-Cola Company, the largest soft drink company in the world, the program awards millions every year in college funding. Learn more at www.scholarshipsonline.org/2012/04/coca-cola-scholars-program.html

#9 – Jill Scott’s Blues Babe Foundation Scholarship Program: The Blues Babe Foundation Scholarship Program is open to current undergraduate students who are pursuing careers in the writing arts. The program was created by three-time GRAMMY award-winning singer-songwriter Jill Scott. Learn more at www.scholarshipsonline.org/2015/09/mahogany-blues-babe-foundation.html

#10 – Generation Google Scholarship For Underrepresented Students in Technology: Founded in 1993 by Lisa Ruffin, this proram is based on the idea that young people must begin with a strong foundation. They believe that each of our girls possesses the promise of unlimited possibilities. Learn more at www.scholarshipsonline.org/2013/11/generation-google-scholarship.html

#11 – Boeing/ Thurgood Marshall College Fund HBCU Scholarship Program: This program provides an unparalleled career opportunity and scholarship for outstanding students attending Boeing HBCU priority schools. High performing students currently in their sophomore year, with a minimum GPA of 3.3 are encouraged to apply. Learn more at www.scholarshipsonline.org/2018/08/boeing-thurgood-marshall-college-fund-hbcu-scholarship.html

For hundreds of other 2018/2019 scholarship programs, visit www.ScholarshipsOnline.org


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